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  1. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    Where are my keys?
    1. JayMags71
      On the kitchen counter. Next to the coffee maker.
      May 18, 2017 at 8:03 AM
  2. Couperin47
    Couperin47 ThePrideofShiner
    Are you just listening because you're not near a real computer and a good data connection or you just don't think you have access to a stream ?
  3. Orange Julia
  4. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    There's like a million kinds of sex toys for women. Like none for men.
  5. GoJeff!
    Just got to Exuma for weekend 2 of the Fyre festival. This is going to be great!
  6. Gray1122
    Crazy about Football and basketball
  7. snowmanny
    Actually, I'm starting to miss the outfield celebration dance.
  8. Lynchie
  9. james stripling
    james stripling
    Life long Red Sox fan but the little celebration dance in the outfield is getting old,
  10. URI
    Current Status: Awesome
  11. Gary Seven
    Gary Seven
    Nor Cal Red Sox fan for 30 years.
  12. EdRalphRomero
    If I had the money, I'd buy every ticket to a Bob Dylan concert and pay people to scream for Wallflowers songs the whole time
  13. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    The vegan paused from her diatribe against processed food to offer me some cheese made from cashews.
  14. inJacobyWeTrust
    I go to the bathroom for 45 minutes and everything changes.
  15. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    By your I mean quint
  16. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    Take off your pants and jacket
  17. BoSox_In_TX33
    Cannot wait until Opening Day!
  18. caminante11
    Opening day is coming soon!
  19. JimBoSox9
    I'm....not great with statuses.
  20. Thetoddwalker
    It's on his mind, it has to be
  21. Trautwein's Degree
  22. MizzouJackass
    Wife and two kids kill me
  23. quint
  24. Orange Julia
    Orange Julia
    I currently have 5 spots available in a 5x5 rotisserie yahoo league if anyone is interested. Mostly chatters, some outside sosh peeps.
    1. bsj
      ANy openings left?
      Feb 20, 2017
    2. Orange Julia
  25. Unin10D
    "And now, ladies and gentlemen, choosing to be introduced as a team..."
  26. Thetoddwalker
  27. Archer1979
    Whatever it is, I'm against it.
    1. quint
      Even my mom?
      Feb 15, 2017
    2. quint
      Although I suppose "against it" could take on a different connotation in this instance.
      Feb 15, 2017
  28. marccsantos
    Nevertheless, she persisted.
  29. j-man
  30. Almost Evil 663
    Almost Evil 663 glennhoffmania
    i got the test email and should be set.
  31. themactavish
    themactavish uk_sox_fan
    Thanks for the good laugh with your comment about playing doctor with Lisa up the road. Ha!
    1. uk_sox_fan
      You knew her too?
      Jan 24, 2017
  32. Orange Julia
  33. Orange Julia
    Orange Julia
    We may need to raise some funds for funeral expenses. PM me if you want me to contact you up if/when we do.
  34. ifmanis5
    I want a holiday too, can I not have one?
  35. SumnerH
    SumnerH simplyeric
    FYI I removed the picture you posted to the "Things you learned recently" thread, as it's arguably NSFW and the thread isn't.
  36. BernieRicoBoomer
    Enjoying the yearly bacchanalia of peace on earth and good will to men.
  37. glasspusher
    School for the Re-Gifted
  38. Candy LaChance
    Candy LaChance Blessyouboys84
    Hi Steve! Nice to hear from you! We're well. How have you been? Missed seeing you around! LauraLee
  39. Sox Puppet
    Sox Puppet
    Newbie on the board, old soul at heart
  40. ifmanis5
    If you have a Fruitcage, go ahead and open it up. - P.Gabriel
  41. the moops
    the moops Minneapolis Millers
    Are you actually a resident of the Twin Cities, or just a Miller fan? Live in St Paul myself
    1. drleather2001
      I live in Mpls!
      Nov 18, 2016
    2. the moops
      the moops
      well there you go. transplant from Boston? we moved here 8 years ago for grad school for my gf. she's from West Coast, thought we would stay for a few years and head east or west. well, got married, had a couple kids, found jobs and friends we like and here we are.
      where in mpls you live?
      Nov 18, 2016
    3. the moops
      the moops
      wait a minute. how did u find this conversation on mpls millers profile page. weird!!
      Nov 18, 2016
  42. Reverend
    1. JayMags71
      You learn that from your friend Vinny Vidivici?
      Nov 20, 2016
  43. Mugsy's Jock
    Mugsy's Jock
    Assumptions lead to vacations
  44. AlNipper49
  45. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    While Revenge is best served cold, this week we learned Schadenfreude is best served all-you-can-eat, buffet style.
  46. Maalox
    Я не носить брюки.
  47. Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Omar's Wacky Neighbor
    Why do I have to explain this every time: it worked in the cartoon because he's a FLYING squirrel!!
  48. CPT Neuron
    CPT Neuron FelixMantilla
    Dude.....I kicked your ass in the mock CoC War!!!! Hahahahahaha

    Hope all is well.
  49. jerry casale
    jerry casale Bob Montgomery's Helmet Hat
    RE: offseason activity..........at what point do the Sox start saving $ for the extensions they are going to have to give to the killer "B" and others?
  50. AB in DC
    AB in DC
    I apologize to anyone I may have offended in V&N the other day. This election has seriously f---ed with my head.