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  1. benhogan
    benhogan joe dokes
    which part was wrong?

    the part where Boston has made 59 outs on the base paths, by far the most in the majors.


    the part where we're getting edgy about outs on the basepaths?
    1. joe dokes
      joe dokes
      I responded to the post. But the thread about "outs at home" gave some context that opened my eyes a bit. They lead in outs, and are near the top in "getting extra bases" (however that's measured) and is %%% of doing same (again, however, that's measured). So its sort of a mixed bag.
      That said, "wrong," by itself was unnecessarily short.
      Aug 5, 2017
  2. Curt S Loew
  3. In my lifetime
    In my lifetime DourDoerr
    Profile picture from 8 and 1/2, one of top 3 movies of all time --- I like it
    1. DourDoerr
      Thanks In my lifetime! It's one of my favorite movies too - right after "Once Upon a Time in the West." Hmm, italian directors... Anyway, you're the first to pick out the source. I like how the guy displays his notes - just scraps of paper as if they're not even worth a whole sheet.
      Jul 26, 2017
  4. mikeot
    Short bus window licker
  5. mikeot
    Short bus window licker
  6. Jimbodandy
    Yes, I need something that removes kangaroo blood from a linen/cotton blend
  7. BlackJack
    Don't want none if you ain't got puns
  8. snowmanny
    You are so screwed
  9. Blacken
  10. Blacken
  11. Blacken
  12. Blacken
    This is way too slow.
  13. Trotski
    48, what are we doing?
  14. Joe Sixpack
  15. TheShynessClinic
  16. johnmd20
  17. Domer
  18. Darnell's Son
  19. BrazilianSoxFan
  20. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree mabrowndog
    2y and 2w ago you left SoSH. I hope your life is full of abundance.
  21. ruminator
    ruminator AlNipper49
    Hello .. I'm not sure your name but I'm Mitch. Whenever I log on I'm receiving repeated prompts from 'Nip' asking 'Dear Lurker' and/or 'Dear Guest' for a 'favor' related to facebook. Are these requests coming from you? Please advise
    1. AlNipper49
      Jun 20, 2017
    2. EdRalphRomero
      Jun 24, 2017
  22. darnedsox
    darnedsox Old Fart Tree
    Dang! Met you and chatted at a bash long ago.
    My wife and I would absolutely LOVE to. You couldn't find better and more responsible sitters. We are responsible to run the athlete food, drink and host hospitality for a weekend long multi triathlon that week. Dang
    Good luck
    Have a great vacation! Bill
    Have wife, will travel.
  23. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    Why is it so big?
    1. theapportioner
      It's infected or has a tumor
      Jun 18, 2017
    2. DLew On Roids
      DLew On Roids
      That's what Yammer's mom said.
      Jun 21, 2017
  24. Karen G
    Karen G
    Wife to Weeba, DC transplant, Boston Sports Bandwagonner
  25. Orange Julia
    Orange Julia
    Taking some time off from SoSH. If you have kitty or garden Qs, most of you know how to find me. Don't kill anyone while I'm gone.
  26. HurstSoGood
    Wondering why those SinglesRussian.com girls are single and advertising on SoSH.
    1. InstaFace
      First they steal our election, then they steal our hearts.
      Jun 9, 2017
  27. Lose Remerswaal
    Lose Remerswaal
    Waiting for DJT tweet
  28. glasspusher
  29. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    Bartender, I'll have a Sosh & Ginger on Thin Ice with a covfefe garnish, please.
  30. streeter88
    streeter88 S. H. Frog
    Hey, I thought your post on Kimbrel was hilarious and want to use it on my signature - do you mind?

    "His ninths are like a lullaby or a bedtime story this year. Last year they were like a cat getting killed in the alley, even when he got the job done."
  31. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    Where are my keys?
    1. JayMags71
      On the kitchen counter. Next to the coffee maker.
      May 18, 2017
  32. Couperin47
    Couperin47 ThePrideofShiner
    Are you just listening because you're not near a real computer and a good data connection or you just don't think you have access to a stream ?
    1. ThePrideofShiner
      I generally listen because I can do it on my phone while I putter around my yard, and because I prefer Jon and Suzyn to the YES crew.

      And my home computer is terrible, so streaming isn't much of an option. Radio makes it so you can be mobile while paying attention to the game, if that makes sense.
      May 24, 2017
  33. Orange Julia
  34. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    There's like a million kinds of sex toys for women. Like none for men.
  35. GoJeff!
    Just got to Exuma for weekend 2 of the Fyre festival. This is going to be great!
  36. Gray1122
    Crazy about Football and basketball
  37. snowmanny
    Actually, I'm starting to miss the outfield celebration dance.
  38. Lynchie
  39. james stripling
    james stripling
    Life long Red Sox fan but the little celebration dance in the outfield is getting old,
  40. URI
    Current Status: Awesome
  41. Gary Seven
    Gary Seven
    Nor Cal Red Sox fan for 30 years.
  42. EdRalphRomero
    If I had the money, I'd buy every ticket to a Bob Dylan concert and pay people to scream for Wallflowers songs the whole time
  43. Monbo Jumbo
    Monbo Jumbo
    The vegan paused from her diatribe against processed food to offer me some cheese made from cashews.
  44. inJacobyWeTrust
    I go to the bathroom for 45 minutes and everything changes.
  45. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    By your I mean quint
  46. Trautwein's Degree
    Trautwein's Degree
    Take off your pants and jacket
  47. BoSox_In_TX33
    Cannot wait until Opening Day!
  48. caminante11
    Opening day is coming soon!
  49. JimBoSox9
    I'm....not great with statuses.
  50. Trautwein's Degree