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Discussion in '2018 World Cup' started by dirtynine, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. dirtynine

    dirtynine Member SoSH Member

    I’ll go on record: I think Messi and Argentina get it done this year.

    The odds go down quickly after the top teams. Who’s the biggest underdog that could realistically win the whole thing? Belgium (12-1)? Colombia or England at 20-1?

    Maybe more fun - who’s the biggest underdog that could possibly make the semis? Serbia? Russia?

    The octopus is dead. Let’s hear some predictions.
  2. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    Were I forced to bet, I like Uruguay’s odds at 25-1. Russia at 30-1 is hilarious.

    I don’t know the rock/paper/scissors between Germany/Brazil/Spain, but I’d guess one of them wins.
  3. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    Mbappe wins the Golden Boot, but France goes out in the quarter finals.

    Group H makes a lot of noise with both Senegal and Colombia making the quarterfinals, where they both lose to the two eventual finalists: Brazil & Germany.

    Germany repeats and Angela Merkel bum rushes the field.

    Russia draws with the Saudis on match day 3, misses out on advancing, and there is violence in the streets around the stadium.
  4. Kliq

    Kliq Member SoSH Member

    Out of the serious contenders; I think Brazil is the most talented and breezed through the notoriously tough SA qualifying. Gun to my head, I'd pick them but I don't feel good about it; they are fairly inexperienced at the national level and Neymar is a great, but overrated player. France is probably the second most talented team; but I don't trust them to fulfill their potential; same goes for Belgium. Spain I think has the most experienced lineup and seems like a nice safe pick; I don't love their strikers but they have the best midfield, maybe the best CB pairing and the best keeper. Germany is also a solid pick; but I don't feel overwhelmed by their talent like I did four years ago; I can see them being upset in the quarters by England or Belgium.

    Argentina has a lot of talented attacking players but they don't have the same talent as the true top squads. Behind the strikers is a bunch of meh and they really struggled in qualifiers. To me, their a tier down from the big boys and are ripe for an upset. I kind of like England as a dark horse, expectations for them are lower than in years past, but they should breeze through the group and get a favorable draw in the Round of 16.

    Thomas Muller wins the golden boot and quietly becomes the greatest goal scorer in WC history at the tender age of 28. I wouldn't rule out Harry Kane; who could easily score five goals in his first two matches. Mbappe will likely be the best young player, but that feels like cheating. Gabriel Jesus is a more interesting candidate, and another golden boot contender.

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