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Super Bowl, Atlanta Burned Again Last Night

Discussion in '2016 Patriots Game Thread' started by DrewDawg, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    Watching 2003 and it's a collection of player and coaches reflections during the season and then playoffs as well as game film. Lot of stuff I've never seen and I'm a nostalgic film rat. Gonna keep watching.
  2. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    Here's one: the 2004 one has a clip of Bill's dad scoring a touchdown for the Detroit Lions in 1941! Doesn't quite look like the single wing. Never saw that clip,
  3. RSN Diaspora

    RSN Diaspora molests goats for comedy SoSH Member

    I actually went home at lunchtime to DVR these, as DirecTV's mobile access wasn't allowing me to, and the entire population of Mumbai couldn't seem to solve the issue on the phone.
  4. Thetoddwalker

    Thetoddwalker lurker

    Watching Sound FX

    I love Sanu clowning Brady for moving in slow mo. That's the fastest he's moved in his life.

    Scar is such a good coach.

    Brady is a man among boys as a leader.

    Matt Ryan looks nervous by the start of the third. And people wonder why Brady is Goat. You don't get any cooler than him at the end of the game.

    Refs held the players in check.

    Props to the Falcons D. I never heard a peep from then.

    As cocky as Edelman is, he seems genuinely shocked that he caught that ball.

    Bill had to of refused to allow his voice be heard which is really sad for us Pats fans.
    #5204 Thetoddwalker, Feb 8, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
  5. E5 Yaz

    E5 Yaz Transcends message boarding Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Playoff teams entering the fourth quarter down 19 or more points are now 1-93
  6. Byrdbrain

    Byrdbrain Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Based on what he said after the slow motion part I took that as more meaning how slow the Patriots were moving down the field and not specifically about Brady. It absolutely was edited to make it seem like it was about Brady though.
  7. shawnrbu

    shawnrbu Member SoSH Member

    The Sports Hub is going to reair the 4th Quarter and OT radio call this Sunday at noon.
  8. snowmanny

    snowmanny Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    What do we do now?
  9. ypioca

    ypioca Member SoSH Member

    Yeah, to me the best part of the SB49 SFX was Bill in the sidelines rattling off pointed instructions while motivating the guys. "There's no mystery here fellas, it's trust in each other, and everybody doing their job". Even better when juxtaposed with Carroll's inane cheerleading.
  10. garlan5

    garlan5 Member SoSH Member

    Gum chewing. That's what he does. Annoys teams into a rage where they cannot focus on anything but annoying gum chewing.
  11. Van Everyman

    Van Everyman Member SoSH Member

    Just wait. We'll hear from Belichick when NFLN runs the LI sequel to "Do Your Job": "No Days Off."
  12. Ralphwiggum

    Ralphwiggum Member SoSH Member

    Whoa, you've never seen the America's Game series? Best thing that NFL films does. I have watched the first four Super Bowls approximately 80 billion times, and cannot wait until LI comes out.
  13. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    It was just one of those things
    Just one of those crazy flings

    I don't know. I've seen the half hour SB Pats winning recaps a hundred times: "little did Tom Brady know he'd be following in the footsteps of Starr, Montana and Elway.,,"

    Good to know in a way there is still stuff to be mined out there you haven't seen.
  14. jsinger121

    jsinger121 @jsinger121 SoSH Member

    Random fact. The Patriots have run the direct snap running back play in 3 super bowls with 2 of them for 2 point conversations in Super Bowl 38 and 51. They ran the play also in Super Bowl 36 with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter with the Pats having a 3rd and 14 from the Rams 26 yard line. The play gained only 6 yards but got them closer for a Vinatieri field goal to make it 17-3.
  15. Marbleheader

    Marbleheader Dope Dope

    Was just thinking that I'm glad the trick play at the end of regulation didn't work in hindsight. It gave Brady an exclamation point drive in the first ever and only overtime drive and people would have found a reason to cheapen the comeback and victory because the cheating mccheaters had to resolve to trickery.

    Also, if old overtime rules are in place, does Bill play for the FG with an iffy Gostkowski or go for the TD?
  16. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

    Falcons defense was pretty well gassed by then. TD was inevitable once they won the coin flip.
  17. snowmanny

    snowmanny Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    So here are the moments I was pretty sure that I'd just seen the play that indicated not their day and the game was over in the wrong way:

    Pick Six to make it 21-0
    Hogan and Edelman drops early in third quarter when it was 21-3
    Atlanta scores to make it 28-3
    Missed extra point at 28-9
    Blown onside kick at 28-9
    Julio Jones catch to the 22.

    Am I missing any?

    I was also pretty sure the game was over in the right direction when the Patriots won the coin toss, although for about three-tenths of a second I had legitimate panic that Slater was going to accidentally choose direction instead of receiving.
    #5217 snowmanny, Feb 11, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2017
  18. Dollar

    Dollar Member SoSH Member

    The other one I'd add to that list is the catch and run by Devonta Freeman right after Gostkowski pinned them deep. Thank god Elandon Roberts was there to save the day.
  19. bigq

    bigq lurker

    Not sure whether Roberts was the one who blew the coverage on that play but he did show impressive speed to catch Freeman from behind.
  20. rodderick

    rodderick Member SoSH Member

    Freeman was his man and he completely blew the coverage.
  21. Ed Hillel

    Ed Hillel Wants to be startin somethin Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    I think he was trying a quick jam on a crosser and got caught up in traffic and lost his balance. Blown coverage either way, but perhaps more physical than mental. Like Butler tripping on Gabriel's feet on the big gain down the middle.
  22. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    I would also add the holding penalty on Bennett down 21-0 that forced them to settle for the field goal that made it 21-3. Also the back to back sacks down 28-9 that forced them into a FG.

    edit: also the Freeney sack on the first play after the fumble recovery was a huge downer
  23. Al Zarilla

    Al Zarilla Member SoSH Member

    We all looked at the thread title when coming in here from Jan. 24 on and went, OK, hope it fits. Then it was like a furnace backed up on us and was scorching all of us from head to toe in a 1,000 degree sodium fire. But, fireman Tom turned it all right back on them at the last possible moments and did burn Atlanta to the ground. Great thread title, Dawg.
  24. k-factory

    k-factory Member SoSH Member


    Looking at the total snap counts - 99-49 which is absurd and has been touched on plenty - some things jumped out:

    Hogan was out there for all but 2 snaps - more than any other receiver
    Amendola was out there for 49 (boy did he make those count)
    Rowe was only out there for 32 (65%) of snaps but Julio Jones was out there for 40. Definitely some mix and match that i didn't pick up during the game
    McCourty, Chung, Hightower, Logan Ryan and Butler were the only ones who played all the snaps on D (about the same as what they did in the Houston game)
  25. PayrodsFirstClutchHit

    PayrodsFirstClutchHit Member SoSH Member

    Just wanted to get the proper credit for my sports karma activity along with those that changed shirts and held off taking a piss.

    Just returned from the cruise. I would say the ratio of those rooting for the Falcons to Pats was 90/10. I will admit to pulling a Wahlberg and leaving the large viewing area during the 2nd quarter as the Falcons fans became unbearable.

    Now that I am back on the grid, time to commence the Pats content binge...
  26. 54thMA

    54thMA Member SoSH Member

    I think he's on the books for 6.5 million, which I'm sure they are not happy with, but I really hope they find a way to keep him.

    If he doesn't make that catch on 4th down to keep that drive going, the game is basically over at that point and like you said, he made some other key catches, including a TD.

    The way receivers get pounded in this league, you can never have enough good ones and I'd be comfortable with him, Edelman, Hogan, Mitchell and Floyd for 2017, throw a healthy Gronk into the mix, Lewis and White as well and you're in business.

    Draft a CB, linebacker and defensive end with the first three picks and make another run.
  27. Curt S Loew

    Curt S Loew SoSH Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  28. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    He's taken two restructures in two years, which is the only reason that his salary is so high this year. He gave up $2.5m last year to save nearly $4 million in cap space and stay with the team and they had to push it to this year in order to keep the value high enough for it to work. I expect they will restructure again but he should get some consideration for repeatedly giving himself a pay cut at the expense of making his contract a bloated one that made him cuttable. I think they could probably do something like 2/9 with a $5m signing bonus to bring this year's cap hit down, pay him new money, and make next year a reasonable play or cut number.

    Edit: $3m signing bonus.
    #5228 DennyDoyle'sBoil, Feb 12, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017
  29. 54thMA

    54thMA Member SoSH Member

    Thanks for that; I hope so as he's a clutch receiver, he was worth bringing here IMO, came up big in two Super Bowls.
  30. Super Nomario

    Super Nomario Member SoSH Member

    Amendola was great in the Super Bowl, but he turns 32 in November and was the fourth receiver this season. With Edelman also on the wrong side of 30, they need a younger slot type guy, and it makes sense for that roster spot to come at Amendola's expense.
  31. Ed Hillel

    Ed Hillel Wants to be startin somethin Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    People are getting too emotional when it comes to Amendola, who played, what, 15% of the total snaps this season? Paying him 150% of what Chris Hogan makes? No thanks. See if he'll take another one year deal for a couple million with maybe half guaranteed and use him as a safety net if you can't find the future slot guy by September. If you do, cut him and move forward.
  32. Saints Rest

    Saints Rest Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Agreed. If we have learned anything about BB, it is that he does not make decisions emotionally. He also doesn't pay for past performance.
  33. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    I know the NFLPA doesn't approve contracts but ripping up. $7.5m contract for a $2m contract strikes me as a tough sell. Didn't they defer $7m to this year precisely so he could take the big cut last year but still keep a similar value at least on paper? There is little chance he will play with the Pats this year but I don't see him just renegotiating that low when they can restructure him in a way that keeps him in the fold while also saving cap room.
  34. Papelbon's Poutine

    Papelbon's Poutine Homeland Security SoSH Member

    He's got a $6M base salary this coming season and with his signing bonus proration, he's a $7.8m cap hit but only a $1.4m dead cap. He essentially ended up actually earning about $2M this season between base and bonuses, actually a little less. I doubt they give him a raise.
  35. Bellhorn

    Bellhorn Lumiere SoSH Member

    Maybe this was already mentioned, but I wonder if there has ever been another game where a team scored 4 TD without kicking a single extra point.
  36. Super Nomario

    Super Nomario Member SoSH Member

    They can do what they did for Wilfork's last season - convert salary to Not Likely To Be Earned bonuses. For example, maybe he gets $2-$3 MM base and another $2 MM for playing 50% of snaps, another $2 MM for 75%. Wilfork ended up earning his incentives; Amendola almost certainly wouldn't. They also did this with Ochocinco after year 1 but they still wound up cutting him.

    The $7.5 MM figure isn't really relevant; the Patriots aren't paying Amendola that and no one else is, either.
  37. DennyDoyle'sBoil

    DennyDoyle'sBoil Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill SoSH Member

    I wasn't advocating paying him $7.5 this year. I was hypothesizing a structure where he gets some new money over his current contract by adding a year that doesn't require him to be cut and makes everyone (including his agent) happy. My proposed structure was 2/9 with $3m signing. But, ok, let's say 2/8 and $3m signing. His 2017 cap hit drops to $3.2m, for a savings of $4.3m. His cap hit carried over to next year is $1.5m, so you simply carry the same cap hit for cutting him from 2017 to 2018, and he's under contract for $4m next year if you want him when Edelman comes up as a free agent. You've added $500k in value over his current deal, so his agent is happy and the NFLPA is happy and you've given him a decent pay day for his saving you cap space the last two years. The only true cost (other than moving forward the $1.5m cap hit next year) is that if you cut him you'd save $5.8m on the cap instead of $4.3m to sign him to something like this, although even that's misleading, since whomever replaces him on the roster is going to be at least $500k to the cap. For a guy who knows the playbook, plays well with the QB, and has shown he can make an impact if receivers 1-3 take a knock, this seems pretty reasonable.
  38. Dan Murfman

    Dan Murfman Member SoSH Member

  39. Zososoxfan

    Zososoxfan Member SoSH Member

  40. Joe D Reid

    Joe D Reid Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Just for perspective, the Pats were just cited by an FC Barcelona player after they scored three goals in the last 7 minutes to advance in the Champions League:


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