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    8/9 - Red Sox v. BJ's 23 days until tax reset - Evoo on the mound

    Well on the bright side, if he doesn't, he's got 45 more chances to do so. Looking at that line up, if everyone was performing up to usual standards, it's a very good line up for the most part. The fact that most are not explains the 5-9 record. Just sayin.................
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    Alex Verdugo - on-field discussion thread

    Amen to that. And holy smokes, that second home run was crushed. He's got a nice short, compact swing, seeing him develop this season will be fun to watch. Any lefty who uses that left field wall to his advantage will do well here.
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    8/5 — 27 days until tax reset

    When Garagiola says "We're tied up"...………………..gets me every time...………..
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    RIP John McNamara

    It's amazing what 04 did to our collective mindset. Then throw in 07 for good measure, down 3-1 to Cleveland, Beckett on the mound, he was nails, the rest is history. I remember watching the Falcons Super Bowl with a group of friends and when they were down 28-3, I told one of my friends "Hey...
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    RIP John McNamara

    Trust me; if you video taped it, disaster would have struck. My Dad used to come to my Yawkey League games, one year during the playoffs, my uncle from Arizona wanted him to videotape some of the games for him to see, my Dad told him no, it would be a total jinx, I hit a monsterous home run at...
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    Covid and MLB

    Him saying we got caught with our pants down would be more appropriate if they broke protocol by going to a strip joint, no?
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    Covid and MLB

    I'd go with "Corona, to the champagne room", but hey, that's me.
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    Yoenis Cespedes opts out of the 2020 season

    Only if they brought in JWoww and the pitchman for Sham Wow in as partners.
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    Red Sox in the Toilet - 8/1/2020

    Oh great, the Red Sox get to face another slop throwing pitcher like the last night. I have no doubt, as in zero, as in a 1000% lock he'll get shelled in his next start, but last night as is almost always the case when we play those assholes, whoever they trot out looks like a combination of Cy...
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    RIP John McNamara

    Yeah, the two strikes thing murders me; even worse, imagine being a player and being on that field with two outs, no one on base and two strikes on the batter, you're just waiting for that last strike/out so you can into the infield and celebrate. Been on the field twice in my life counting...
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    RIP John McNamara

    Funny you mentioned Bob Stanley; when McNamara went to him and he came charging out of the bullpen, one of the people I was watching the game with said "Oh man, this is going to be great, a player with New England ties is going to be on the mound when they win the WS!!".........after the pass...
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    RIP John McNamara

    Does it come with a rope so I can put myself out of my misery after I finish reading it?
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    RIP John McNamara

    The Seaver injury definitely hurt, no doubt about it, he would have gotten the ball in game 4. And I agree with your idea of starting Boyd in game 7 but him being on a short leash with Hurst being the first man in. As much as 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018 have taken the sting away from 1986, it's...
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    How much have you watched so far?

    If it's Arnhem, the gashouse gorillas are the 9th and 10th SS rolling across the bridge..............
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    RIP John McNamara

    I would have taken my chances with a cracked out Oil Can vs a cooked Hurst.