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    Sox sign Wacha

    Market rate for Wacha will probably be a bit too much, particularly if they pick up Paxton's extension. I'd rather they spend their dollars replacing JDM/Xander/Kike/Pham
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    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

    More than that, I'd think. That's a lot of at-bats taken by JBJ, Jaylin Davis, and Jarren Duran that never would nave happened if Pham were here in April. And with Kike's injury, JBJ would be playing more innings at CF where he belongs, rather than RF. How many games did Duran cost us with...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    It's amazing how much different a team they are when they're not trotting out Jaylin Davis, Yolmer Sanchez, Brayan Bello, Jake Diekman, Kaleb Ort, Darwinzon Hernandez, etc. etc.
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    8/14 - FTY

    Series win water!
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    8/14 - FTY

    I'm scared to ask, but...who's pitching the ninth?
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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

    Wham, Pham, thank you ma'am.
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    8/7- A Royal Conquest

    Anyone halfway decent in Worcester has already been called up. I only found one other pitcher who has a better AAA ERA than Philips Valdez, and that's a guy named Frank German who started the year in Portland.
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    8/7- A Royal Conquest

    The problem is that Taylor/Bello/Danish/Strahm/Bello are all injured. Plus Wacha and Seabold. And of course Sale. Othewise Darwinzon wouldn't be anywhere near a major league roster. edit: I forgot Ort. Because of course.
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    Sox Rotation '22- The Good, The Pretty Good, The Not-Bad, the Pretty Bad and the Ugly

    I'd be fine with him getting 5+ bullpen appearances. No need to wait until he's lengthened out to be starter
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    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    Saving the rest of the bullpen. At this point might as well let him finish the game instead of burning another arm.
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    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    Can we get Philippe Valdez back?
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    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    Little known fact: "Darwinzon" is Spanish for "Ort".
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    I just hope Alex Binelas turns into something, because otherwise two years of Renfroe for four months of JBJ is a contender for the worst Sox trade of the past decade. Hunter's 120 wRC+ would look really good in this lineup right now, and they didn't even get any savings aginst the luxury tax...
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Sorry, this move makes no sense. The Sox would rather have Jaylin Davis on the roster than JBJ? He's basically the definition of "fungible".
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    8/3 at Astors 2:10 EDT

    Already down to 9.49! Well, not if Bello is going on the IL.