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    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Even if there was nothing Wilson could do the reason Kuraly was falling was....
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    Playoff Format Screwing Good Teams

    The Bruins defenitiely got screwed this year and have the hardest possible path to the cup. From a fan/league perspective though you ended up with 4 great series and the conference finals will be good matchups as well regardless of who wins.
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    4/23 Ottawa at Boston -- revenge part 2

    That's not a bad call that should be a penalty 100% of the time
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    4/21 Boston at Ottawa -- revenge part 1

    I'm assuming Ottawa is not allowed to fire a stick to Smith like a missle as he skates back (otherwise why not just slide one down the ice every time it breaks) but what would that penalty even be?
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    OTL 3/27: Smokeless Tobacco Ban (effect on Boston?)

    Assuming the Red Sox players are forced to adjust couldn't this actually be an advantage since visiting players will be impacted?
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    What's Your Hierachy?

    Whoever I have the most DFS exposure to. This means watching tons of Rockies games in Coors and generally watching terrible teams like the Astros!
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    NHL Center Ice - Worth It?

    Was trying to decide between GameCenter and Cente Ice. The free trial is enough to turn me off Center Ice (pretty ridiculous Comcast shows ONE HD game). Does anyone know what TV brands have apps for GameCenter? For example with MLB TV my Samsung tvs had an app to get it without another device...
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    10/13 - Avs

    I was just coming to post the same thing... One of those rules some refs don't agree with so are going to ignore resulting in tons of inconsistency??
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    Eastern Conference Final

    At this point let coaches challenge penalties for embellishment if they are wrong make it a 5-3
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    Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Gamethread

    How many blatant mistakes did the refs just make in the last 2 minutes? How the hell does the NHL send rookie playoff refs to Montreal.
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    April 3rd, Boston At Toronto

    I could have done without seeing that call
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    3/30 Bruins @ Flyers

    All I can picture is Jack outside the NBC truck yanking cords and maniacally laughing
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    Trade Deadline 2014

    Yeah I meant they were selected by their coach as more of a loyalty move. Those selections were basically toss-ups so I could see the difference being the NHL team they play for. Really though I wouldn't argue that picking Orpik/Martin was a bad move but it did seem to hurt them from an...
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    Trade Deadline 2014

    I can't help but think that's a reason why we got to watch Orpik/Martin instead of Johnson/Yandle suit up for USA