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    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Just had to listen to my mother cry about her 12 year old patient and her sister dealing with immunocompromised issues and being unable to be safe with their own families because testing kits aren't available until someone shows specific symptoms because of shortage. If MLB comes back and has...
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    Tyler Skaggs passes away

    One of my best friend's brothers died at age 20 from that. He was a collegiate rower and had never known he had a heart problem until he suddenly passed away during a workout. It's very scary.
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    He hit four guys? Edit: Er... other people let his inherited runners score. Whoops. I need a nap.
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    Michael Bennett to Pats: Highway Robbery

    "Rooting for Bennett makes me want to puke because he said cops are racist" is a hell of a take in the year of 2019.
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    2020 Pats: Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    Sex work shouldn't be a crime so human trafficking wouldn't be an issue with it.
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    Machado to Padres for 10 years, 300M, opt-out halfway through

    Who had the Padres giving out the biggest contract 2 years in a row? (For now anyway)
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    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    The announcing crew pointed it out and gave you all a lot of credit for helping out.
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    We need more volunteer forest servants to sweep the floors to stop fires.

    We need more volunteer forest servants to sweep the floors to stop fires.
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    Bill James twitter

    You are all arguing past each other.
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    Betts and JBJ Win Gold Glove Award

    It's only recently that they swapped to differentiating the three outfield positions, so I'd imagine it would have been very tough to do so (with corner outfielders competing against Center Fielders). Having two back then was already very impressive.
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    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Clearly only a Barolo of the music world will do.
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    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    James Taylor performs at Tanglewood every summer. He always mentions he's a Red Sox fan. I assume he travels the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston. The Berkshires seem dreamlike on account of that frosting. He qualifies as 'Red Sox Nation' as much as most of you goons.
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    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    So you’re saying to not worry about a thing? Every little things gonna be all right?
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    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    I was at this one, so 8th inning. Disappointing because the outcome, but seeing prime Felix Hernandez and seeing what Matsuzaka was capable of were both pretty cool.