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    5-12 vs. Cavs

    In a twisted way, I'd almost rather they just lose the two play in games. I don't want to watch them get swept in the first round...
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    5-12 vs. Cavs

    Are you really ok calling it "offense"?
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    5-12 vs. Cavs

    In what universe is 3/7 for 7 points in the 1st quarter a "fast start"?
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    5-12 vs. Cavs

    Where is Semi? At least you can usually count on him to try...
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    Jaylen Brown's 2020-21 Season

    When was the last season the Celtics have avoided a major injury to a key player?
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    5th Year Options: Picked up Wynn & Likely Decline Michel

    $10.4 million would rank Wynn 16th among LT in terms of cap hit terms for 2022 and 17th in AAV of existing LT contracts. He’s an above average LT when healthy, so getting him at a ~average price on only a one year deal seems like a reasonable trade off for the health risk.
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    Pats Draft: UDFA Thread

    So if you’re an agent - do you try to steer your clients away from NE given the current depth of the roster? Or does Bill’s history of giving roster spots to UDFAs offset that?
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    NFL Draft Rd.4-7: Everything Goes Gamethread

    View: Cam McGrone
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    NFL Draft Rd.2-3: Discussions, Rumors & Spoilers Gamethread

    I kinda want Fitzpatrick in fantasy. McLaurin, Samuel, and Brown should be fun...
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    4/30 vs Spurs

    Spurs are going to win on a cheap Derozan and one