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    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    I don't remember it exactly, it is the year they won 18 games in a row, and then they cancelled the superbowl, that is how I remember it.
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    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    They did as well as I could have expected, the game was ugly but I did not expect them to win the Superbowl. The year the superbowl was cancelled or when they lost to the jets or the year they lost to the colts when their whole secondary was injured were so much worse. They could have won the...
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    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    Club Brugge will have some stinkers away in the CL, but that is an amazing result, and it was deserved. They have a good mix of veterans and youngsters. Noah Lang and Charles De Ketelaere are their young stars to keep an eye on.
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    The Eurocup QF Thread: Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Adeus, and...Goodbye to Croatia

    Very disappointed obviously, but not a heartbreak. Italy played well, and they play a beautiful game, when they are up right. A bit of luck was missing for Belgium, but that is why you play the game. It shows how hard it is to win a major tournament, even with a golden generation, the...
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    Global Football Odds & Ends

    Enjoying every minute of it, anderlecht is the Belgian MFY. This is like what would happen if the MFY were bought by a Bostonian, bring back Jeter as player/coach and start the season 2-15, after a pretty bad season last year. It is just glorious.
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    WORLD CUP FINALS: France vs. Croatia

    Modric over Hazard is a joke. Croatia did not win a single regulation game after the group stage.
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    Belgium: The only Red Devils worth supporting

    A very mature game from the Belgians, they did not play as well as against Costa Rica, and KDB was off his game, but they got the result they needed. Panama did a good job defending Hazard and had some good chances. But it seemed the Belgians were confident they would win by playing their game...
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    Belgium: The only Red Devils worth supporting

    Great write up. Some comments, I am Flemish, but like most other Flemish we don't really dislike the Walloons, I met more Walloons in the USA than in my first 22 years growing up in Belgium. During the WC we are all Belgian, the team is a great mix of Belgians from all regions. My best friend...
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    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    I never liked Klinsmann, he is a snake oil salesman, but I was impressed with the team in the last world cup. The US is in a difficult spot, the talent has improved to where the team talent is better than any team but Mexico in concacaf, but not to a point where there are more than a few...
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    Euro 2016: Belgium

    A heartbreaking loss, but not a shocker as the defense was probably the worst in the tournament. There was no communication between them. In 2 years, Denaeyer and Lukaku could be a top notch half of the defense. They are really talented players, and incredibly young. They probably would have...
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    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    The last 20 minutes there were several clear fouls which were no whistled at all. That hurts the team behind most of all. The yellow cards were all deserved as they stopped an attack from developing. The foul on Lukaku outside of the box was a bad miss by the ref. That is a second yellow. The...
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    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    I wish I could blame Wilmots. Not bringing Lombaerts was probably his worst mistake.
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    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    I am heartbroken. This is 2003 all over for me. The injuries on defense did them in. Breaking in 2 really young defenders did not work. Losing Kompany, Vertongen, Vermaelen and Lombaerts did them in. It is not as much the drop in ability but lack of experience working together. Denaeyer, Lukaku...
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    Euro 16 gamethread

    Two years ago Courtois was seen as the second best in the world and Buffon 4th. Last year Buffon was seen as the second best and Courtois as 4th. Courtois had a bad year behind a geriatric defense at Chelsea. I think an argument can be made either way. If Buffon is Ortiz then Courtois is Mookie
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    Euro 16 gamethread

    Chelsea's goalie is better than Buffon, but the rest of your point stands.