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    The Dave O'Brien Era on NESN

    Which is why you bring a guy like Lou in occasionally to easily transition Castig off O'Brien. Which they did. Chad, will EEI give Neverett multiple years to mesh or will Lou get another shot?
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    A Chat With Mr. Chad Finn

      I'll piggyback this one and ask if Sullivan and the Globe would be interested in buying him out from ESPN or if they're content with sending us more Volins. Also, do you have any inside scoop on Bedard sliding over from MMQB to SI?
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    Shalise Manza Young leaving the Globe for Yahoo

    The Globe would be stupid not to try to blow Reiss away to takeover football at this point. He hates what's going on with ESPNBoston and how his space is used, why not bring him home. Pay the man.
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    Midday with MFB

    Do we have a winner with darkhorse candidate Mike Giardi today?
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    Midday with MFB

    I wouldn't mind a Battle Royale type deal the next 3 weeks watching Tanguay, Dickerson, and Big O go head-to-head leading into Week 1 of the Pats. I'm not a huge Dickerson fan, but I can't deny that he was a good facilitator with Lou and Christian last week. I think the benefits to each are...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    While trotting out the other 31 owners for testimony, or having their communications subject to discovery is exciting, I'd like to see what else turns up in documents about the referees/officials that were swapping in balls so they could sell them later as game-used balls. I wonder how long the...
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    HR and Verducci are out at FOX, Smoltz is in.

    Are we not going to touch the whole 209 to Pesky Pole stuff?
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    Gresh out from the Sports Hub

    I caught him coming out of the broadcast booth for the UMASS/UNH game at Gillette last year. I yelled "Gresh!" and he gave me a really great high-five. It's well established that the major dick's modus operandi is the firm handshake.
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    Gresh out from the Sports Hub

    I like Bertrand, as his informed opinion and reasoned tone tends to offset some of the hysterics from 2-6. I think F&M losing Bertrand hurts them more than whatever they have to gain by pairing him with Zo 10-2. But you know when you listen to the radio and it just feels... comfortable? Like...
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    Fixing WEEI

    Am definitely going to miss Ryder. Professional, knowledgable, objective, and a radio voice that will always elicit memories of post-game wraps from some of the best game's I've seen and heard since I've had a driver's license. I know the complaints about the midday show won't end with Mut's...
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    Fixing WEEI

    Loving the Dale & Holley throwback the last couple days. Is it a long-term answer? Probably not, but right now it sure hits the spot. I'd be interested to see if F&M listeners click over if they knew there was rational sports talk across the dial right now.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Super excited to tune in today while at work trying to pass the hours, and instead I'm greeted with Chicken Little Buchholz stuff. Let's move on, I'll deal with Game 3 or 4 when it's Game 3 or 4. Right now I want to hear about TONIGHT, and instead I'm treated to Mazz's bellyaching. If one could...
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    Fixing WEEI

    Mornings - Michael Smith & Michael Holley, Mutt as 3rd voice/flash.   10-2 - Minihane/Jess Moran - I know there's been whispers about getting a female voice in there in the weekday programming, and she knows her baseball at the very least. She's done enough at CSNNE to make me think she can...
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Show's been great this morning with Dale, Gerry and Kirk. Let's make it permanent. They can even keep the D&C moniker (which i suspect they've already thought of if that's the NESN hold up) if Dale replaces Dennis. 
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    Alex Speier

    I'm with you abs. Speier has been the best in town for a few years now, but MacPherson and Britton have that lauriat/lit-geek vibe that I find pretty refreshing in comparison to your standard, rote chronological record-of-event folks. Speier must love it here because he'd wipe the floor with a...