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    Jaylen Brown's 2020-21 Season

    Brutal. Hell of a season for JB even though he started getting affected by mounting injuries. First time all star and really deserved it. He really came to play at the start of the year even with the short offseason. Hopefully the much needed rest gets him better than ever for next season.
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    5/9 vs. Miami

    Timelord being probable feels like a massive tease. Hope I'm wrong. Humble the Heat!
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    4/27 vs OKC

    Tatum was and remains out. Semi and Fournier get the start for Kemba and Tatum. Please please please do not lose to this awful team. They are playing their second road game in 24 hours. No excuses.
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    Nominations for best Boston area Play by Play and Color Commentators ALL TIME

    Sean Grande is the best play by play broadcaster in the market right now and it isn't close. I am shocked to see him only mentioned here as someone's honorable mention. I'll to with Eck for color. He is tremendously insightful and fun at the same time.
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    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    I guess I don't see it with Romeo. Romeo has NBA athleticism, but he doesn't seem nearly as strong or quick as Jaylen at any point in his career. Maybe I am being biased by having more tape on Jaylen over the years. I guess Romeo has flashed a quick first step similar to Jaylen. What else should...
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    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    Reggie, I agree with you about Romeo and Tatum not being exceptional athletes in the league, but Jaylen? He sure seems like an exceptional athlete to me. Hops, speed, strength, body control... what am I missing? I absolutely put him athletically next to those other guys you listed.
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    D(anny)-Day : Predict the outcome of today's trade deadline

    This would put them over the tax unless they send out salary elsewhere, correct? I will like this deal significantly less if they can't stay under the tax here for an expiring deal.
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    NBA 20/21 season thread

    9 at the half now despite being down 10! Incredible. What's the record for a half or a game? Where would I even look that up?
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    Bursting Your Bubble: the 2020-21 NBA Gambling Thread

    When I heard the Hawks had fired their coach I immediately saw HRB in my head posting about what a good spot a galvanized Hawks team would provide. Also nabbed the Suns 1H +1 and the in game under late at 229.5. Following your lead and took the Hawks Magic under 224.5 this morning too. No...
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    March 2 vs Clippers

    Any word on if JB is going to play? Questionable as of yesterday. I also can see this game going any which way.
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    What to Do, What to Do?

    No and not at all. The celtics need wing and guard depth not another big, least of all one who would be behind all 3 of our current bigs.
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    2/21 Pelicans Streak-Starter Thread

    Been a lot of talk lately about Lonzo and Reddick as trade candidates. Time for us to get a closer look and see. Steven Adams was questionable for this game last I saw.
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    2/16 vs. Nuggets

    This is just a drive by post to say how much I hate Tristan Thompson's stone hands.
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    Bursting Your Bubble: the 2020-21 NBA Gambling Thread

    Thanks for the Jazz and the Nets last night HRB. When the Sixers went were up 20-10 early after hitting every shot I jumped on the Jazz some more at -4.5 and then -3.5. Would have taken the others too, but those numbers were long gone by the time I looked.