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    What are your thoughts on the Monaco and DiNardo pairing on NESN?

    I will echo the love for Bergs’ post. I liked Monaco quite a bit, and feel that Lenny has potential. I simply cannot take DOB anymore, at least not with Burks, due to zero useful information or analysis. I Would not be averse to a statcast type of broadcast that included Alex Speier. I had...
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    9/1/2021 - Come September

    Replay showed devers looking back to see if duran’s hit got through the infield. Is that the correct play, or run hard and let the 3B coach wave him on if/ when it reaches the OF? Seems like you lose a bit of speed by looking back.
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    9/1/2021 - Come September

    Is it bad to almost enjoy a strikeout by JD, in order to avoid a GIDP?
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    9/1/2021 - Come September

    O’Brien seems obsessed with senseless stats. “Many reasons the Sox need a win today, including avoiding going to .500 on the road this season.” That was not on my top 10 reasons for needing a win tonight.
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    Will the real Red Sox please stand up? I repeat, will the real Red Sox please stand up?

    Vaz also seems to always have trouble picking up foul balls lately. Not just at the Trop, but seems to have become a constant issue recently.
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    Will the real Red Sox please stand up? I repeat, will the real Red Sox please stand up?

    This is getting to be Casey Stengel Mets level of inept. Seemingly every game there are numerous physical and mental errors. The baserunning is ridiculous, and the fielding is even worse. How many times have we seen Dalbec whiff on a throw to first? Now a fairly easy cutoff, one step to his...
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    8/11: Argh. Just... Argh.

    In that same vein, time to pound the old Budweiser. Joe Schultz was the unsung poet of the shitty expansion team world.
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    Sale's Return - When and in What Capacity?

    I am often irrationally excited about Sox positive news. I grabbed tickets for Portland Sunday, solely due to said excitement to see his rehab start up close. Only GA remained through official site. Secondary market had a healthy markup for a minor league game (and for obvious supply/demand...
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    Starting Rotation '21

    Was it Remy and Eck recently saying the umps no longer do the mud rub pre-game? They outsource to the clubhouse staff. Seems ironic the umpire union will fight the threat of robo umps, but have delegated this job that they apparently are “specifically trained” to do.
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    Who will yell at refs with passion? Cs Coaching Search

    Bonus of Philly losing, get Sam Cassell in for an interview?
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    Who will yell at refs with passion? Cs Coaching Search

    I am trying to figure out how an interview with Darvin Ham goes. Awkward question: “Tell is what you would do differently if you were head coach of the Bucks?” Both he and Charles Lee are up and coming assistants. Seems like Milwaukee beat the Nets in spite of coach Bud, with little or no help...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I did lie about AT&T, sorry. I completely forgot about them, due to their ineptness. Their IT issues were so bad I could not even get a trial. I then tried to subscribe, and their system would not allow me to pay. This happened over a few days, both on PC and mobile devices. Kept getting “sorry...
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    Kemba 2021: The Jour-knee Begins

    I believe that trading Kemba for a different bad contract could be addition by subtraction, as long as the return does not need to be a ball-dominant player. Even if the return never plays. The issue is KW has become a hoops version of 3 true outcomes. Sits out completely, plays well, plays...
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    6/1 at Brooklyn

    What am I missing? Why did Smart get free throws for an offensive foul on Durant?
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    It seems like Brad is throwing anything he can at the wall, hoping something will work. Kemba, CE, and PP all on the floor at the same time today, With Nesmith and TT?? This after kemba had been hunted on defense all game. I tend to be optimistic about tomorrow in sports, but there seems to be...