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    8/4 Celtics vs. Heat

    Tatum needs to get hot
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    Gone Brady Gone

    I’m really not liking the new Jan Brady.
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    Patriots 2020 Training Camp

    Genuinely curious. Is that a specific font that Cam uses?
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    July/August game thread

    Well, that explains it. Velocity was like 90 on last few FBs. Clearly arm is either fatigued or worse. Really hope it’s not serious and we can at least watch him hit remainder of this season. If it’s something serious, they really need to consider ending the hitting/pitching experiment.
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    8/2: Urinetown? Might as well play

    Can’t call up what you don’t have.
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    8/2 Celts vs. Blazers

    2nd round won’t be a concern if they continue this kind of play
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    July/August game thread

    Was just about to post this. I’d be really tempted to just make him full time DH and see if you can work out control issues for next year. He is going to kill them every time he goes out there for the foreseeable future.
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    Memphis Grizzlies 2019-2020

    Young teams don’t always progress in a linear fashion. I am 100% rooting for the Grizz to miss the playoffs and land a top 6 pick so that we get unprotected 2021 pick. There are a lot of good teams out West so I could see them missing playoffs next year and then you have shot at top 4 pick.
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    2020 NCAA Football

    Good. Why don’t you focusing on suing BC again during all your downtime, UConn?
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Spurs royally f*cked up by not taking him and Ball, if it was offered.
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    Who's Out- Pats' Opt Outs for the 2020 Season

    Certainly do inside the division given the reign of terror but that’s about it.