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    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    In a season full of teams underperforming, they are definitely in the list of huge successes along with Utah, Phoenix, Philly, Denver, etc. Never thought this team had a shot at a top 4 finish. He’ll of a job by Randle and Barrett has developed very nicely. They need another top end piece or 2...
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    2021 Rays: Wandervision

    It’s a log jam of mediocre players. You can’t let mediocre talent hold back potential stars. But they clearly have time for at least a few more weeks. Agree that Yoshi and Phillips are logical dumps to make room.
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    2021 Rays: Wandervision

    Brujan can play OF though, right? Feel like Wander has a chance in June. Vidal may be a little later although they could certainly use him now. Both guys are ton better than Mike Brosseau and his ilk.
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    2021 Rays: Wandervision

    HR #2 for Wander. Brujan also looks great. Rays could use both guys right now.
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    Angels to release Albert Pujols

    Yeah, Pujols fell off a cliff almost immediately. Amazing that .859 OPS in his first year was the high water mark and he followed it with 9 straight sub .800 OPS seasons. I mean, holy crap. You knew a decline was coming but I never would have guessed this badly.
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    2021 NCAA Football

    Man, that’s tough to watch knowing what we know now. Very sad.
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    2021 Rays: Wandervision

    Agreed. I think sometime in July is when Wander comes up unless injuries force the issue. He is still barely 20 with minimal high minors experience so they can use that as an excuse even though I think he should be on the Soto path. Vidal Brujan is another intriguing guy who may be close to...
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    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    lovegtm’s mom >>>> Romeo
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    2021 Rays: Wandervision

    Wander coming out smoking after first 2 games: 5-9 with a double, triple, HR, and steal. Not sure when the Super 2 deadline is (typically June, I believe) or if Tampa is using that as a guide but this kid needs to be up now. A lineup with Wander, Arozarena, and Meadows at the top gets real...
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    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    I am completely over the Romeo Langford experience. Long live Nesmith.
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    5/5--hosting the Tigers again

    Kike stinks
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    Pats Draft Rd.2/38: DI Christian Barmore

    Yeah huge reporter pet peeve of mine. I don’t want to hurt the kid so I am going to just insinuate something bad instead. If you didn’t want to hurt him, you wouldn’t do that at all. Or, you report it and stick your name to it.
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    Pats Draft Rd.2/38: DI Christian Barmore

    Good news is that even if those limitations are real, he was still able to be productive at Bama. Will definitely be interesting to watch unfold though.
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    And especially so for a guy like PP who doesn't have off-the-charts athleticism that most NBA players have. The moment you get complacent, you're done. There are waves of people every year looking to take your job.
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    Packers: Rodgers’ Chances of Returning to GB in Jeopardy

    Is it me or does Bradshaw whine about QBs more than any talking head out there?