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    Pedro's Immaculate Inning

    The term immaculate always felt a little strange in this context but I think the point is that the fielders aren't involved. It's just the pitcher (and the catcher obviously!) against the hitter with the pitcher completely dominating.
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    How much have you watched so far?

    I don't think I can even really say a few innings. I turned it on during the top of the 4th and was putting the kids to bed before the 5th was over. Granted they scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 4th so I was watching for something like 45 minutes. But when I got back downstairs I watched...
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    Unleash the Kraken

    I look forward to their first training camp game thread, "Let's get Kraken"
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    It’s much easier to dismiss praise than it is to ignore criticism. Especially if you’re having a tough time. T&R has been my default listen on my morning commute since they have been on the sports hub. I enjoy the show. I hope things get better for Fred.
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    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    You can bookmark V&N, pin the bookmark to your bookmark bar (or whatever your browser of choice calls it) and that is a reasonable approximation of the function.
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    AirPod Pros

    I have the the One More Stylish earbuds and they are great. $99, good sounds quality, good for phone calls, you can pause, mute, adjust volume all from the earpiece itself. And they stay in ear very well, no issues moving around at all. There was a thread a while back that had the...
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    Grade the trade

    Really disappointed that ‘it is what it is’ wasn’t an option on the poll.
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    Poll: The Sting 2020- Brady and Gronk

    This is where I'm at. I might enjoy watching them, it might turn my stomach. Won't know until I see it happening.
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    If the season gets to September 1, the Red Sox luxury tax resets

    To be fair* - they would have plenty of space to spread out in the stands... *To be faaaaiiiir
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    Very good to hear this. I love to root for him, happy to see that he's healthy and helping out how he can.
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    edit: n/m - belongs in V&N not here, sorry for the digression from forum appropriate discussion in this thread
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    Right, the testing is in short supply and rich people can jump the line. I'm a Celtics fan, I like Marcus Smart. I'm not swearing off the NBA or anything. I just think it sucks that there's people who are sick, some of whom are medical professionals who are trying to help care for people...
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    Then why are people talking about scarcity of tests? How do you square these statements with all the reports of people being denied testing? Edit: is it really as simple as saying ‘Send it to a private lab, I’ll pay for it’?
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    I read a piece that I found on my own that refers to health care professionals who make that sort of argument and I can see that as a legit reason to test them. The ‘it was a private lab’ answer on the other hand is 100% bullshit. There isn’t shortage of insurance covered tests. There is a...
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    How many tests were used on Celtics players and other employees of the team? How many people with COVID-19 symptoms were denied tests because of the ones used here?