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    RIP Eddie Kasko

    My recollection is that Kasko kind of lost the team late in '73, his final year. They were not going to catch the Orioles, but then they lost 9 of 14 in mid Sept. They played well the last week, but I think Kasko was a dead man walking by then. The Sox farm system was in the process of...
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    It never gets old - reflections on Oct 17-20, 2004

    In that series: 2 GS, 3.1 IP, 9H, 4BB, 2HRs and a 21.60 ERA. He was so bad as to be comical. In the history of post-season baseball, you wonder if there were ever 2 games started with performance this bad.
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    Favorite Brady Game

    I love this game. It is early period Brady, but he was showing the same incredible poise from that 1st Super Bowl the year before. There is a YouTube video of it, and the pass he throws to Patten in back of the end zone after escaping pressure is just unreal in its perfection. I remember...
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    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Your youth must have insulated you from the way "insult was added to injury" with Fisk's departure. The Lynn/Burleson trades were mostly a fiasco, but at least there had been some return (a good young player in Lansford, some other useful parts - the earlier estimate of Tanana up thread is...
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    Pedroia has "significant setback with his left knee"

    This is one of my favorites, from his rookie year, and still makes me laugh - his post game comment after a brawl with ejections that started with Daniel Cabrera trying to bean Pedroia in retaliation for Coco Crisp causing him to balk: "I was upset they took him out of the game. He's good to...
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    2020 AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    KC has really fast receivers along with a quarterback who can reliably throw lasers over the defensive secondary's heads.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Upthread I'd said this could be the big nut punch loss for this franchise even when compared to 1986, but the ones vs. the Phillies in '80 are probably worse. This was at least #2. Two-thirds of this game was spent with the Nationals looking like they were toast. Then Kendrick, on a good...
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Answered already, but I think the closest he got was the '09 Angels team that beat the Sox but lost to the MFYs in the ALCS. I really feel good for Scherzer, who was tremendous against the Sox in '13 and seems to leave his heart on the mound, both then and now - just a great competitor. Edit...
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Ready for the Astros to have a meltdown half inning here - it is set up.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Houston has been squanderific the whole game. They are ahead and might well win this, but the nut-punch loss of franchise nut-punch lossesi (right up there with '86 NLCS G6 is very much within their grasp.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    That needs some love - I laughed.
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    15 Years

    I've mentioned this before in threads years ago. In real time that ball is by Mariano like a slap shot a goalie picks up at the last millisecond before it goes by him and into the netting, but if you slow the video down, he comes closer to making the "glove save" (missing, then sprawling) than...
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    2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

    You might be thinking of the one he it off Anibal Sanchez in G5 in 2013 as the one still in orbit. The one off Verlander went into the bullpen over the LCF fence - but no doubt he's had an occasional playoff game "key moment" gopher problems vs. the Sox; ones by Benintendi and Devers also...
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    Pedro on the '99 ALDS: 'I've never been in more pain'

    It's also higher and lower - the high strike was not called back then, and Pedro's curves and change-ups that would break the plane of the zone and be caught below the catcher's knee's would often be strikes now. It is an interesting question whether he would benefit from the old "flatter but...