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    Sports Cards Mania

    I get frustrated with the crazy markup on current cards, so I decided to go nostalgic and go back to my youth with a box of 1991-1992 Skybox basketball on eBay. Get to scratch the itch of opening packs with one of my favorite card designs and only paid $50.
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    Sports Cards Mania

    GMA. Costs him $8 per card to get graded in the quantities he is getting graded (100+). He knows it isn't as good as PSA, Beckett, or SGC, but he doesn't want to pay their exorbitant fees and have to wait forever to get his cards back.
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    Sports Cards Mania

    This is what my father in law does. He is retired and scours eBay for deals on cards (especially Tom Bradys) that he can flip on eBay or sell at our local auction house. If it is a higher value card he gets a deal on, he uses an inexpensive grading service to both protect the card and add some...
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    Sports Cards Mania

    The ball is rolling on the lawsuit:
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    Kevin Garnett: Anything is Possible - Showtime

    I will be there as well, but will be so far in the rafters my camera will be useless. :)
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    Kevin Garnett: Anything is Possible - Showtime

    It is after…it will be broadcast on NBC Sports Boston starting at 6pm.
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    Sports Cards Mania

    I was talking about this with my friend the other day. With a lot of the products that many people can afford (such as Topps Base), they are jacking up print runs. Not only does this bring down the odds you get a specialty card, but it is setting up another era of "junk wax" where people are...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Here in Maine, it says that it will be blacked out on YTTV.
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    April Game Thread

    Cristian Javier has 8K's through 3 IP against the Angels.
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    Weekday Baseball Today - 2021 Edition

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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I agree with this 100%. My family is too used to YTTV to switch away now. Instead, I purchased the MLB At Bat audio option for $20/season. This will allow me to listen to all MLB games, which for me makes more sense. I have 2 kids and busy evenings, so it is easier to listen to games than...
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    Adam Schefter: SJH will carry his water. Or will he?

    No disrespect intended, but shouldn't a reporter just provide the facts and let the consumer of news make their own opinion? I think Dan Snyder is a dirtbag, but I struggle that so much of the news nowadays has to force a perspective/opinion instead of providing facts and relying on the...
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    Rumored: There will be no minor league season this year

    The Portland Sea Dogs officially offered fans refunds on tickets for the 2020 season, so if they do play, it will be without fans.
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    I am okay...jumped in another league instead. Thank you though!

    I am okay...jumped in another league instead. Thank you though!
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    In Defense of All Frazees

    I wish the message board technology allowed us to "love" a post. So much goodness here.