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    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    Does Mac Jones had a vision problem? Seemed to be squinting...
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    New Euro Super league to be announced Sunday

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    Unusual plays

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    Formula 1 - 2021 - Chasing down Lewis?

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    Pats Depth Chart: an Early Look

    It seems like this is a roster tailor made for helping an inexperienced QB. Solid running game, great TEs, solid short-passing game with a true deep threat to keep defenses honest.
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    Global Football Odds & Ends

    Have you tried looking into the Football Manager database?
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    It already has, with the timeouts at the end of the second quarter.
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    Red Sox acquire Adam Ottavino and RHP prospect Frank German from Yankees for PTBNL

    I know it has been a while since seeing a Yankees game, but why is he pitching in his pajamas? View:
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Best pass of the night. View:
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    2020 Jets

    View: :fonz:
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    2020 Jets

    He sounds broken...
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    Football Manager 2020

    There is a good reason it's one of the leading causes of divorce in the UK.