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    I had the pleasure of meeting Stiffy and talking with him at a handful of the early Bashes. As so few legends do when we meet them, he surpassed my high expectations. I have his autograph on a baseball around here somewhere . . . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Stiffy was a...
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    The Magic Number

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    ALDS: Yankees versus Indians (Non-Yankees Fan Version)

    Buford T. Justice said it best:
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    Wild Card Game Thread -- Non Pro-MFY Version

    Jeez, Santana it toast and showing rookie-type body language. Yoink him, please, 15 pitches ago.
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    Don Baylor dies at 68

    That must've been Marcel Lachemann. Rene Lachemann was the 3B coach for the Sox in '86, sending several slow runners to their doom in the WS and playoffs. I know this because I heckled him by calling his name and "windmilling" him during BP at Fenway the following year when he was on the A's...
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    2016 MLB WS Cubs Vs Indians

    Whaddya do with Merritt? Tonight, or save for tomorrow in case Kluber is gassed?
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    15 years on iTunes and now I can't put my songs on my phone.

    Ha -- I feel like an old man yelling at a cloud. Sorry. iPhone 6+ with iTunes 9.3.1, connecting via lightning cable to iMac, OSX 10.10.5, iTunes version Any help you whippersnappers can offer will be most appreciated.
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    15 years on iTunes and now I can't put my songs on my phone.

    OK, I know I'm growing dumber by the day, but why can't I just put my old f'ing songs on my new f'ing phone? All my songs are "greyed out". So much for user-friendliness and user-empowerment. Big Thumbs Down.