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    Managerial Carousel for 2023

    The Tigers front office will largely be the same post-Avila. AJ Hinch was offered the GM role but refused it --- and will remain the Manager there.
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    Week 4 - Pats at Pack

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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 4 @ Green Bay

    Just an awful play call if you want to "win" the game and not have a moral victory.
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    2022 Season Opener-Patriots at Dolphins

    no chance... He is sticking around to break Shula's record (as challenging as it may get - if future rosters aren't more robust)... And Kraft is going to let him do it in Foxboro.
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    2022 Season Opener-Patriots at Dolphins

    yup... nowhere near the talent needed to compete at a high-level week-in and week-out.
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    False Alarm: Tiny is alive and well

    oh man... Loved Tiny and Cousy (who liked him a lot) describing his play during the broadcasts.
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    RIP Bill Russell

    What a career / resume / life... One of the "all" time greats of American Sports up to now -- and for another 100 years+.
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    Totally agree --- I'm doing this deal for Brown, White and draft picks (2 first rounders seems reasonable) Not sure I want to give up anything more than this (other than maybe a future option for Brooklyn to switch draft-positions with Boston).
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    Charlie Montoyo out as Jays manager

    Agreed... It could have been a multiple choice question and I still would have gotten it wrong.
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    The Sox can't can't swept by the @$#?%!! Cubs

    Gotta' get rid of JBJ and Dalbec....and add some offense to this team. I suppose the return of Kike solves the issue with JBJ. But the 1B situation needs a solution.
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    And a Middleton-injury away from losing in the second round...
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    I agree with this. I want Durant...and would part with Jaylen to get in the discussions.
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    Sports Radio station 790 The Score is returning to RI airwaves

    Cordischi in drive time? Do it....I'm a big fan.
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    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    I'm hearing from my son - who is working at the US Open this Summer - that Obama is going be in the house tomorrow. Should be a traffic / security nightmare - so plan accordingly.