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    Patriots trade for DeVante Parker

    Fits in the trend of Belichick valuing a player from afar (not the clear stud that everyone values, but the level or two below who do some things he finds invaluable), says as much during matchups, then deals for them later. Welker worked. Ochocinco did not. There are many examples... but can't...
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    Pats defense: Ongoing discussion

    Allen does seem to have that Big Ben mentality of taking the hits, or, not trying to avoid them. When watching other teams I'm always struck by the speed on their defenses, particularly at LB. Of course, being quick doesn't equate with success, but the Pats just seem slow and plodding. Early...
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    Pats defense: Ongoing discussion

    Winovich seems like the lost cause... or just a ST guy at this point (although the casual eye didn't notice much in this area, either). Outside of the JAX blowout game, he hasn't gotten more than 7 plays on defense since October and in many of those games he had no snaps at all. The result of...
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    Patriots at Bills Part 3

    I thought Singletary was a fumble machine... suddenly looks like Walter Payton
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    Pats vs. the Phins in the South Florida house of horrors, with homage to The Chewbacca Defense.

    The PI on Rowe aside... Patriots have been getting jobbed on the officiating
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    1/2 JAGs at Patriots

    Damn... wanted the hat trick for Wilkerson. Seems like the kind of guy working his ass off in practice and now getting some time.
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    1/2 JAGs at Patriots

    Winovich had promise but has completely been a non-factor for a while now.