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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Signed up via the YouTubeTV option, it just makes things easier. One bonus that looks to be continuing from the end of last season is the Pregame and Postgame shows on NESN appear and record. Silly but it was one of the things I missed from DIRECTV so nice to have it.
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    2022 Masters

    sent mine as well
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    2022 Masters

    Same, let me know how to pay and thanks for doing this... excited for the week.
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    The 2021 World Series: Braves vs. Astros

    It’s becoming ridiculous. This is the World Series and these guys miss so many calls to the point of swinging games and series.
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    MLB in talks to launch nationwide streaming service for home games without cable TV

    Actually on YouTube TV with the MLB package I started seeing "Pregame" show appear before Red Sox games on a channel all the way at the bottom of the guide. A nice surprise as was the addition of the post game show.
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    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    This is where my AppleTV pays for itself, the Masters app looks gorgeous on the big screen. Weird having no crowd noise but cool to pickup the guys talking every once in a while and no stands is kind of cool. Bonus on the App is all the archive footage, never appreciated how well done this is...
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    Bloomberg Feature on SB Ring Heist

    My wife is always shocked by the rabbit hole that SOSH sends me down and this was a new level. Excellent job Zeke, tell me this is going to be a 6 part series on Netflix!
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    Baseball on Television

    Did anyone notice that this was the letterboxed version that was originally broadcast and I had not seen since, not on the DVD's or any web downloads... looked great for 2004!!!
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    Joe Posnanski's top 100 Baseball Players of All Time

    Appreciate you all bumping this list, have a free weekend and excited to catch up. That Nolan Ryan tease is vintage Joe... When I first signed up for The Athletic I was skeptical but man have they hit some impressive home runs.
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    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    For those who haven’t purchased yet. Latest 3 games is on sale on iTunes. New England Patriots: 3 Games to Glory VI by Unknown Having this on my iPhone and iPad has been a lifesaver when I’m stuck somewhere
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    Celebrating what is

    I cancelled my Blu-ray when I saw iTunes had it early and it included a ton of extras. Does anyone know if the Blu Ray has extra stuff the iTunes version doesn't? I will say being able to sit anywhere and watch a few minutes on my iPhone is priceless. And let me echo the shoutout for...
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    Place to watch the WS in between Long Beach and Anaheim

    Interesting. A rock n pies opened up down the street from me in studio city. Might need to try it now.
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    Diary of a commentator

    Congrats, as they continue to grow the NFL in Europe this could be great for you, which is good for me because I only come to the Media Forum to read your updates.
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    Red Sox games now available for live streaming on NESNgo app

    That trick seems to work with all the 3rd party apps (FOX Sports, History, Golf, ABC, etc) I was getting so frustrated and never had time to figure it out (especially when it came up and said my account was locked). Glad I could help
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    Red Sox games now available for live streaming on NESNgo app

    I think I figured it out but it wasn't easy talking with support. Its something to do with the fact the app wants an email address and with the merger with ATT we now have usernames. You need to add @slid.dum to your ATT username and then enter your password I'm watching the trade deadline...