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    ECF Game 5 - Enough of this %*#*

    I wish Brad would take more of Wanamaker's minutes and distribute them between these three guys, depending on the situation. Smart and Heyward can act as point.
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    ECF Game 5 - Enough of this %*#*

    Just thought the same thing!
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    Nice D TL
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    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    I think Jae is going to have a big role on D and Miami's success will depend on his effectiveness. That said, Celtics in 6
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    9/9 C’s vs Raps Game 6

    Wow what are the celtics doing? Lazy play
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    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    Thread Title Updated! Will accept other suggestions if mine doesn't capture the zeitgeist.
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    NPB 2020

    I plan to follow more closely this year. When I was working in Japan, you could see inside the Chiba Marine Stadium from my office window and would go down to the games from time to time after work. They prorate the seating costs based on the inning which is nice. However, Meiji Jingu Stadium is...
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    I hope they keep the season opener in December (preferably have the opener on Christmas) for reasons stated previously in other threads.
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    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    I am going to go out on a limb and say it's within the rules to start a thread for the next game now, considering technically the game with the Bucks should have happened already. Please vent on how miserable you are with no NBA here - hopefully in 30 days we will be able to use this for an...
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    3/10 @ Indiana

    I am tired of the Coronavirus and I am tired of the Celtics looking like a tier C playoff team. No Jaylen, but we were finding ways to win all season with 1-3 of the top 5 guys on the sidelines. Enes Kanter needs to wake up and be useful again. in short - WIN