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    2/3 @ Flyers

    I’m not resolved on it, either, but the premium placed on keeping a structure must be an informed one. Or so I assume. Was Gregory Campbell’s stick broken when his leg was broken by the shot? Can’t recall.
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    2/3 @ Flyers

    Long change obviously makes that doubly difficult. JVR love tap on Miller is the makeup. Thanks guys....
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    2/1 @ Capitals

    Restricted to replays here but, from where I sit, Halak did not cover himself in glory on either goal.
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    1/18 - Bruins vs Islanders

    Clutterbuck still whining to the Ref about it before leaving the ice. After running around all night, hitting late, hitting blind. I took satisfaction from Nick’s rabbit-punch.
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    1/16 - Bruins vs Devils pt 2

    Anybody check for offsides on that? Presumably so - very close, though.
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    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    This call was weak tea, didn’t hold up his man at all. The 1st was legit.
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    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    Totally. Surprised and could only dub a weak backhand.
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    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    Boychuck Retrospective coming up on Isles intermission report, FYI. MSG.
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    World Juniors

    There aren't any streams for this game, are there?
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    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    Damiere Byrd has some Troy Brown open field shake and bake in him.
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    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    Tale of Two Cities.
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    12/10--Patriots at Rams

    Cam sucks. Put the kid in.
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    11/29: Cardinals at Patriots

    Yes. And Eason played the ‘86 SB like Dougie Hamilton “played” the puck with Ovechkin bearing down on him. Twas awful.
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    11/22 - Striking oil in Houston (1pm start)

    Embarrassing effort here.