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    Week 6 NFL Game Thread

    Part of it is that their O-Line is a disaster, it's a lot easier to scheme your average-ish QB into a great offense when you have a good O-line and an elite RB, a bad O-Line and mediocre running back makes it a lot harder.
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    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    To be fair to him, he's in Japan, and it was likely a press conference for local media where he got the question.
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    Week 5 NFL Game Thread

    what are the Steelers doing BTW? they've been close wire to wire with a bad backup QB, then later a terrible 3rd QB, yet Conner only has 10 carries, and 0 targets. If your offensive gameplan is to ignore your 2nd best player, and put the ball in the hands of your worst player, all in an attempt...
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    NCAA prepared to sue CA over “unconstitutional” name, likeness bill

    Non-profits all over the country pay their employees money, the idea that letting college athletes profit off their likeness (or even get paid to play) would cost the schools non-profit status, but paying coaches, ADs, etc. 10s of millions of dollars a year doesn't is just silly.
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    Matchweek Oct. 5/6

    brutal loss for West Ham, deserved at least a point.
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    The Project Continues: West Ham 2019/20

    Fabianski out 2 months with a hip injury. Probably the single hardest injury for West Ham to try and overcome, Fabianski is one of the 5 best keepers in the league and Roberto is..... not at all.
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    Matchweek 9/28 - 9/30

    So approximately 1/5th of the way through the season and there are 2 teams outside the traditional top 6 inside the top 5 (top 4 if you don't go to tiebreakers).
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    B/R's Top 50 NBA Players of All-Time

    Top 5 is fine, though I'd flip Bird and Magic, Wilt is too low, Kobe is honestly probably too high at 14. Also Mikan should probably be on the list given his dominance in his era.
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    Carabao Cup: 2nd round recap, 3rd round preview (Dummy Hoy vs. OCST)

    West Ham lost 4-0 to Oxford. By transitive property that makes Oxford 6 goals better than ManU
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    9/21-22 Weekend Game Thread

    Lampard really hates Pulisic doesn't he? Mount and Willian were both garbage and Pulisic still unused.
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    9/21-22 Weekend Game Thread

    West Ham will finish the week no worse than 6th (most likely 5th)
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    9/21-22 Weekend Game Thread

    Very nice free kick goal for Cresswell puts West Ham up 2-0 in the 84th minute
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    PL Week 5 - Welcome Back

    West Ham play like crap have a man sent off and just draw. Move into the 6 way tie for 3rd on points, but 8th factoring GD
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    PL Week 5 - Welcome Back

    How wild has the early season been? West Ham got thoroughly destroyed week 1 by City, but with a win over Villa tomorrow they would be even with City for points, slotting into 3rd on the GD, 2 full points above the rest of the top 6 (and Leicester).