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    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    I think this is a fair point. I watched Adam Silver speak on TNT and searched through the interwebs a little bit but can't find any real thought on what conditions would need to happen for sports to resume to normal. Meaning, what will be an acceptable amount of cases or public risk to bring...
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    "Who the hell is that guy?": a guide to Red Sox pitching depth in spring training

    So this is a surprise; I was rooting for him too.
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    Thank you, Hector Velazquez

    The thing about the neck tats also made me wonder a lot. And I wonder still: like if they were for his first son, and he has a second son now, where do the new ones go? How many neck tattoos are too much? What will the second son think if tattoos for him are on a less conspicuous place, like an...
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    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    I tend to agree. You have guys like Jhoulys Chacin (50.4%) and Yu Darvish (45.9%) but also Sale and Kershaw were both right under 40%. In McHugh's 2015 season where he threw over 200 innings he threw 39% sliders. So it seems like it's not the number of sliders holding him back, as in an...
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    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    I'm intrigued by the signing so I looked up his pitch makeup. McHugh is mostly a slider / four-seam pitcher, with a great slider. This is his out pitch. In 2019, he threw it 43% of the time but 56% of the time when he has two strikes on batters. For the Quality of Pitch Average with a minimum...