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    Timelord Injury Watch

    Agree. More broadly, how many centers/big men in the league would you trade TL for right now, considering the blossoming superstar potential, young age, and incredible contract? I love watching this guy play like no other Celtic in a long time, especially the way he times and controls blocks...
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    Bill Fitch has passed away

    The Captain Video-Parish story is memorable.
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    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Terrible. Should have kept WFT. The adoption of 'Wizards' by the basketball franchise years ago was bad, but this is much worse.
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    Super Bowl LVI: Bengals vs Rams

    I didn't say you were wrong nor was it intended as a criticism. When I read that sentence it just occurred to me that I recalled reading the similar observation leading up to the Super Bowl in 2001. Everyone expected the Rams--the Greatest Show on Turf-- to steamroll the Patriots. The...
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    Super Bowl LVI: Bengals vs Rams

    Swap out Bengals for Patriots and that sentence was probably written many times 21 years ago.
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    All-Time NFL Head Coaches -- Super Bowl era only

    I strongly agree with MM above about Paul Brown. I would put him in the top five. Also would consider Vermeil, Lambeau, and Halas. I think Gibbs disastrous comeback hurts him. Grant and Levy never winning a SB hurts them.
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    Timelord Injury Watch

    It would be ironic if, after all this talk of how to acquire a third star, it turns out we already have that blossoming third star in TL. Far from a sure thing, but he has unique unlimited ability, and his durability has been better than anticipated this season. His confidence is clearly...
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    Analysis of Celtics Games, '21-'22 Season

    As bad as he can be at times, I like to watch Nesmith because he seems to have attended the John Havlicek school of continual movement. Once he learns how to move efficiently and with purpose, he could emerge as a surprisingly good player.
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    Sam Jones Has Passed Away

    I think I have read that as Sam released his high-arcing shot over Wilt's outstretched fingertips, he would routinely shout 'too late!'. And apparently after the 'stool game', the Celtics played Philadelphia again the very next day, as described here by Sam: link
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    Sam Jones Has Passed Away

    His use of the backboard has never been replicated. And warding an irate Wilt Chamberlain off with a stool is one of the most iconic moments in Celtics history. RIP, Sam.
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    Celtics Plan, Summer 2021

    The Kanter signing is the final confirmation, if that were needed, that next season is a bridge year. Sure, Kanter is a defensive black hole that brings some offense and rebounding, replacing a bit of that which has been lost, but by most accounts his greatest value is his personality and...
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    Red Sox acquire Kyle Schwarber

    The hamstring muscles flex the leg at the knee and extend the thigh at the hip. Therefore full lower limb anterior movement is most stressful to those muscles since both antagonistic actions (leg extension and thigh flexion) are being performed simultaneously. It's the reason why it is...
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    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    It is quite possible, but we are not privy to the inside details nor can we know the future outcomes of deals made and not made. So it inevitably comes down to opinions, and your take is more than reasonable. I also think it is important to remember that we don't know what constraints...
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    Hi, I'm Kyle Schwarber and I hit bombs!

    Absolutely--and I think Chaim's philosophy is to strike a flexible balance between the near- and long-term. If acquisition costs had not been so extreme, I think we would have seen more substantial deadline activity.
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    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    Particularly Pivetta, overall, has been more than adequate. Sale, Eovaldi, Houck and Pivetta (always assuming health) is not spectacular, but solid. If Rodriguez can turn it around, it becomes very good. Richards is really the one that needs to go ASAP.