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    When Does Mac Jones Make His First Start?

    I could see them doing the Alex Smith/Patrick Mahomes transition by design. Cam starts all of 2021 and the team does OK while Mac rides the bench until given (or made the heavy favorite to win) the job for 2022.
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    Saints facing "biggest discipline yet" for COVID violations

    Never forget that the punishment the Pats got for the 2007 incident that Eric Mancini reported was conditional based on making the playoffs. A second rounder if they didn't make the playoffs and a first rounder if they did. That was the moment I knew Goodell was full of it.
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    NFL Coaching Carousel

    This is insightful, but I find it questionable to attribute draft success to the Pats drafting Ted Larsen, who's only played for other teams and not them. Why give NE credit for drafting a guy only to waive him at the end of camp, not realizing what they have? It's a worse outcome than...
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    Patricia to Rejoin Staff

    Why would BB give a shit about an assistant coach's salary? It's not like it counts against the cap. It just comes out of Kraft's money.
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    What always got to me was the fact that they were heating the footballs earlier in the year in Minnesota and the NFL simply sent out a memo to say don't do that.
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    Confessions of a Confused Brady Follower

    It would be a lot easier to root for Brady if Antonio Brown was not on the team with him.
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    Pats' 2021 opponents

    Monday night games aren't really based on ratings draw since the move from ABC to ESPN. No one thought November's Pats-Jets game would be good to begin with, as an example.
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Why was Brady's response to post a pathetic Colts banner from six years after Dungy retired? Surely there are plenty of pathetic Colts banners from Dungy's tenure as coach.
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    2021 Draft: Tank for Trevor - Can NE do it?

    If the Jets are a win over the Jags for first overall, should the Pats tank the week 17 game on purpose so Lawrence isn't in the division for the next 15 years? Not that BB would not try to win.
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    2021-2028 Pats: Is Bill the man for the Re-Billed?

    How much does the new playoff format affect these things? We have not seen the effects yet, but with only one first-round bye per conference, all but the top seed in the AFC will be at a disadvantage. 50% of the Pats' championships came when they were the top seed. It seems like the degree of...
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    Bad Coaching Hires

    Dave Campo to the Cowboys - never seemed like he had credentials to be anything special at the time of hiring, not exactly the kind of guy to boost season ticket purchases Most of the guys who got hired going into the 2006 season I was very skeptical of: Rod Marinelli - Lions Scott Linehan -...
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    MLB umpire Brian O'Nora arrested in sex sting operation

    It's like Carlin said: Selling's legal. Fucking's legal. Why can't selling fucking be legal? It's no one's business how two or more consenting adults choose to live their lives and criminalizing such activity only drives it underground; it doesn't eliminate it.
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    White Sox hire Tony LaRussa as manager

    Maybe they will fire Hahn and lure Hawk Harrelson out of retirement to run the front office a second time.
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    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    Roethlisberger was suspended without any sort of conviction but for owner personal conduct, the punishment should at worst mirror the Irsay punishment. No way should this affect the on-field product. I say "should" but we are talking about a spineless stooge for 31 rich old men who hate the Pats.