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They should just have an SEC tournament of 4 teams and hand the national title trophy out after. - RedOctober3829 Eric Garner, possibly selling single cigarettes (tax violation) and seemingly putting up zero resistance other than to plead innocence and ask why he was being hassled results in a chokehold with several (SEVERAL) law enforcement officers on the scene resulting in his death without a single officer saying "whoa, I think he's got the message, ease up." or "hey, he said he can't breath, we've got him. no need to continue choking him." or "hey, asshole, what the fuck? He's not resisting, we've got this, go stand over there for awhile." How the fuck is anyone supposed to trust the police officers on that beat? No one seemed to try to intervene and do anything. They should ALL have been indicted. -Yaz4Ever