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    Tom Wilson

    There can be no mention of a Bruins-North Stars fight without acknowledging Wensink challenging the ENTIRE North Stars bench in 1977:
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    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    I think that pretty much describes the current QB depth chart.
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    NFL News and Transactions

    Cox sort of cherry picked the screen shots. He omitted this one: Tavon Wilson enjoyed New England. 'nuf said.
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    Patrick Chung to retire

    I always think of this game by Chung. Blocked a punt, a field goal, and a pick 6 vs. Phins in week 4 of 2010: View:
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    NFL FA Frenzy Game Thread

    There's two now. Can you hope for a quality outside threat at WR. too?
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    Pats Trades for OL Trent Brown

    I'm torn on keeping Cannon. Wynn, Brown, and Cannon are all very good, when they play. They've averaged 10.3 games/season combined for their careers. Brown has played more than 11 games nust 2x in six years, Wynn has played 18 total games in 3 years, and Cannon hasn't played a full season since...
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    The cost of youth athletics

    For my family this is pretty much it; we had our kids in under 5 soccer, swimming lessons, learned to ride bikes at 5 and the biggest take away is giving them the confidence and physical ability to try whatever sport that comes up. And even through my kids likely won't make a career out of their...
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    The cost of youth athletics

    For our kids the path was showing promise in basic kids classes in their respective sports. Our rock climber started going to the gym around 7 years old because he was always climbing things like trees, basketball hoops, etc. He started going to some Friday night climbing and games things. They...
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    The cost of youth athletics

    I live in the DC area, so a lot of factors are amplified; cost, intensity, parental jackassery. I have three kids, my oldest (14) is a competitive rock climber and my youngest (7) recently was invited to try out for and join an acrobatic gymnastics team. My middle kid doesn't care for structured...
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    What SB do you want to see and why?

    I honestly can't lump Buffalo in with "NY" teams, even though it's technically true. They're more Canadian than NYC. I am torn between Buffalo and TB12. Honestly, both the team and the city of Buffalo deserve a championship. The team drafted well and finally did a good job team building and the...
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    NFL In-season News and Transactions

    Ugh, sounds like someone pining for the "good old days". I don't like to generalize about people without meeting them/hearing about them, but his holier than thou "character counts" shtick rings a bit hollow when he bad mouths his employer, leaves, comes back for a ceremony, eats from the hand...
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    Greatest not famous athlete you ever saw

    Jerry Auzmah. I competed against him in track in high school. He was insanely fast, built like a pro when he was in HS. His team, Saint Peter-Marian, was horrendous, he was the only person who placed in the top 3 in any event for SPM at the meet, winning the 100 (he had a bad start on my schools...
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    2020 NFL: League Manipulating Games? No, Holds Barred!

    GoT fans were looking for "You the master of the grammar now, too?"
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    2020 Pats: Belichick Breakdowns & Beatdowns

    Coming here to post the same thing. He got beat twice, but made the right play both times. Too bad he's 225 lbs, that's pretty light for a BB linebacker. Heck, he's not that much bigger than Dugger.
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    2020 Football Team: A Capital Scandal

    Yeah, the latest instances of harassment are a complete non-shocker. About 5-6 years ago I would go to at least one game a year at FedEx in the luxury boxes with a friend who's company had one of the largest boxes aside from Snyder and FedEx. There were cheerleaders who were sent to spend time...