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    Retired Numbers

    As good as some of Krejci's playoff runs have been I have a hard time putting him in the conversation with the all time greats that have played for the franchise. He's never been a PPG guy or scored more than 23 goals in a season. I think he'll be remembered as a very good player for the Bruins...
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    Retired Numbers

    Curious what the thoughts are here as to which current or recent Bruins will have their number in the rafters. Bergeron is a shoo in and likely Chara as well imo. Marchand has a chance as well if he can keep his current scoring pace up for a couple more years. Pasta/McAvoy obviously have a lot...
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    2021-22 Goalie

    I wonder if Krejci would be willing to take less if it means Hall comes back. Seems like having Hall on his wing has rejuvenated him. The Bruins definitely took care of him with his last deal so maybe he returns the favor a bit. Probably wishful thinking though.
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    2021-22 Goalie

    Hopefully Rask will take a bit of a home town discount given that he's been on record saying he's not interested playing anywhere else. I'd like to see him re-signed to something like 2 years at $4 million per. This would give Swayman a couple years to get ready to be the primary starter.
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    5/6 Nate Vs. Tigers (1:10 Start)

    Can we just fire Taylor into the sun please?
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    Angels to release Albert Pujols

    I wonder if his age will ever be confirmed. I know there's been questions about it and looking at his aging curve it certainly looks like he may have been older than reported when he came to the US.
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    Tom Wilson

    Yikes ugly cross check to the face there.
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    Tom Wilson

    Sad part is you know Wilson is loving this.
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    Tom Wilson

    Poor Chara couldn’t find a dance partner lol
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    Tom Wilson

    Have the Rangers announced a lineup for tonight's game? I'd imagine they have to get someone in there that can at least hold his own against Wilson.
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    Starting Rotation '21

    A Sale/Whitlock day every 5th day with each throwing 3 innings would be very nice.
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    Tom Wilson

    At what point does the NHLPA have to step in and make a statement? I get that Wilson is a member and they have a responsibility to him but what about the countless players he's seriously injured or attempted to injure? I imagine most players want guys like Wilson out of the league.
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Swayman would be my choice if he had played a little more. Tough to give it to a guy who only played in 8 games so far.
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    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    Or the Lions really valued Sewell. Takes 2 to tango.
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    NFL Draft Rd.1: Picks Gamethread--NO SPOILERS

    I was planning to watch ESPN until I realized Greenberg was hosting. I’ll be watching on NFL network.