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    5/25 Celtics@Heat- ECF Game 5

    Like young Sox/Patriots fans, younger Dubs fans are often spoiled and feel entitled. Older GS fans, however, are usually great. I've lived in the Bay Area for 25+ years, and some of my favorite sports friends are Dubs fans.
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    ECF Game 1 at Miami: Revenge Tour Stop #3

    He said that he's vaccinated.
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    3/18 Celtics@Kings

    32 on 15 shots for Tatum. +36 in 31 min.
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    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    This. They won't always shoot over 60%, but the offense looks great.
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    Because of Zach Wilson (BYU), I assume.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    Bud might be fired at halftime.
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    The Butler Did It

    Agreed. This makes 3 teams in the East better than the Celtics.
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    NBA playoffs 2018

    I don’t really care who the Celts have to beat in the next round. It will be fun either way.
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    NBA playoffs 2018

    Fuck off, asshole. That was so obviously a foul.
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    NBA playoffs 2018

    LOL, Draymond being Draymond.
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    NBA playoffs 2018

    Rondo with 4/10/21 in a blowout against the Dubs. Playoff Rondo is real, and he’s spectacular.
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    Game 3- Bruins @ Leafs

    BIG Z!