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    Stars that faded away...

    Did Barry Bonds actually retire?
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    The 1995 Red Sox Appreciation Thread

    Don't forget Vaughn Eshelman! In early May he was brilliant. Six shutout innings against the Yankees in a 8-0 win, then seven shutout innings against the Tigers in a 12-1 win, and then two more pretty good starts. Great start for a rookie, yes? Then Wake starts his 14-1 streak and Eshelman...
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    Do we know that they were KC fans? I saw a lot of Red Sox gear in the stands.
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    How Do You Root For the Sox?

    I think it might be a little more complex than just player/laundry. I started watching the Sox in 1960, fell in love with Yaz as a rookie, adored Frank Malzone and Tony C, went nuts in 1967, and continued to love everything about the Sox through the 70's - until the Haywood Sullivan era started...
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    Oakland A's attendance problems

    Or Philadelphia? I've lived in Philly for the last 20 years and there is absolutely no sense of nostalgia that I've ever seen for the A's, but nonetheless I can't tell you how cool it would be if the Phillies had moved to KC and the AL East today was the MFY, As, Os, Blue Jays (or Rays - doesn't...
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    Worst Red Sox contracts ever

    Can I nominate Jose Offerman here? Bad defense, bad offense in LA, decent offense with no power and no walks in KC and a contract that goes from $2m to $5m, escalating up to $7m before we could part ways. Scale is hard to figure out but Jose is clearly a worse contract the Jack or Tony Clark...
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    Whatifsports Red Sox tournament

    Seeing Tony C hitting 4 hits with 2 HR gives me the warm fuzzies in a major way.
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    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    Could someone who has more knowledge of how the anti-trust exemption affects baseball either give us a primer on it or point out a couple of links to explore? I can easily envision how it would affect the relationship of clubs to various government agencies, media companies, advertisers, etc...
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    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    I think I might be in the lead in the 1899 Cleveland Spiders/1962 NY Mets sweepstakes C - Ed Ott (5.9 WAR) 1B - Eddie O'Meara (-0.2) 2B - Eric Owens (-0.4) SS - Eddie O'Brien (-2.2) 3B - Ed O'Neil (-0.5) RF - Edward Olivares (-0.7) CF - Ernie Orsatti (4.4) LF - Ed Olivares (-0.8) (a different...
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    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    The rules don't prohibit this but it is not logical to have Babe Ruth in two different places in the same time. If you accept that a player can only be on this list once, then something interesting happens. The best season by a HOF LF not named Baby Ruth is 1967 Carl Yastrzemski with a 12.4 WAR...
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    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    Frank Malzone, because he lived at the end of my grandmother's street and I actually saw him in the flesh about a dozen times. I mean, what self-respecting 8 year old kid wouldn't be shaking in awe to see the Red Sox third baseman mowing his lawn? When taking swings in the back yard, I'd imagine...
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    2022 Hall of Fame Class

    In Bill James' The Politics of Glory (1994) he writes "Fifteen years ago, when I wrote in an article that Dick Allen would probably be in the Hall of Fame eventually, a number of readers wrote to me to tell me how stupid I was. Now he's a popular Hall of Fame candidate. As time passes, the...
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    Thank you 2021 Red Sox

    For me it will always be 1967. I know its verging on heresy, but to me, the difference between 1967 and 1966 is almost equivalent to the difference between 2004 and 2003.
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    Sox-related Intergenerational Trauma

    Looking at the other end of the intergenerational spectrum, is there anyone here who actually remembers the Boston Braves? One of the rituals of summer for me was my grandfather taking me to the Jimmy Fund game which was an exhibition game between the Red Sox and Braves at Fenway. I also used to...
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    I had completely forgotten that Haywood Sullivan PLAYED for the Red Sox. Cups of coffee in '55, '57, and '59 then 52 games as one of a group of backup catchers. We lost him to the Senators in the expansion draft.