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    Curb Your Enthusiasm: US Youth National Teams, Prospect Hype, and Youth Development Thread [The DA is DEAD updates]

    So the USSF gifts the five stripes a spot in the CCL (through zero sporting merit) and they repay US Soccer by kneecapping our Olympic team? Get bent.
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    The second paragraph starts with "The crazy thing about Juan [Agudelo] is, you forget he’s just 28. He seems to have been around for years…" It’s crazy that’s he’s 28 and still being sought after for his potential. TB already said it best three years ago and it remains true today!
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    February 26th vs Pacers

    God hates us.
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    February 26th vs Pacers

    Kemba air ball 3 :unsure:
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    Crazy that a recent Club World Cup winner (2006) hasn’t won a league title in 40 years. They’ve also won Libertadores twice in that time span.
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    If that’s the case, I hope he likes beaches View:
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    Footy broadcasting - What do we have?

    CBS All-Access (soon to be Paramount+) is ramping up their inventory. In addition to NWSL and the two big UEFA club competitions, they’ve added Brazil’s Serie A, Argentina’s Primera Division, Concacaf Nations League, hex matches outside the US and Mexico, and Concacaf women’s matches. View...
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    Looking back at my freakout post (which also contained some bonus dual-national fear) right after game two of MLS Is Back, Busio had played 1, 15, 1, 8 minutes in SKC’s first four matches of 2020. After that he started the next eight matches in a row.
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    18-year-old Gianluca Busio has been issued the number 10 for SKC. It was only a year ago that I freaked out about Vermes stunting his development by not playing him often, about which I am thrilled to be proven decidedly wrong.
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    2021 PGA Tour

    How do civilian golfers handle the 6th green? Are the members are allowed to swing wedges?
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    2020/21 UEFA Europa League: Galloping to Gdansk

    One of my favorite SOSH posts of all time was TB sharing that BSC Young Boys made it to the semifinals of the European Cup in 1959 which he regretfully found out by googling "Young Boys in Europe"
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    2020/21 UEFA Champions League: The Road to Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

    If only there were large outdoor venues where such fans could gather and remain spaced out.
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    Mouse Recommendations for Mac?

    FYI, the precision pro is back on sale for $20
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    Global Football Odds & Ends

    I completely forgot until Rob Stone reminded me. Tigres needed a miracle to defeat Alainza in the Champions League round of 16. That feels like a lifetime ago. TB wrote a good summary. Tigres has already received a yellow for time wasting. Davies has played well, which makes sense as he was...
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    2/10 @ Rangers

    The standard was shoulder height, not the crossbar, because he wasn’t the scorer.