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    10/22 AlCS Game 6– I’m Jose Melendez, and I’m starting this thread.

    There has to be someone on base for it to be a balk.
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    10/11 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 4.

    Me too. Field Box 1.
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    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    The day's starting pitcher.
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    10/2 - I love the smell of desperation in the morning. Smells like victory

    In his post-game comments Cora said "that's the plan, for now", so who knows. I think they can use him tomorrow and line-up Eovaldi and Pivetta for Tuesday.
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    9/29 - The Gods Will Not Save You

    I thought it was a beer vendor they let walk on the field.
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    9/29 - The Gods Will Not Save You

    So why not go for getting another 3 outs from your effective starter with a reasonable pitch count?
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    9.17.21 - And Down The Stretch They Come!

    I've been to a dozen or so games at Fenway since they had full house crowds and it's a different vibe. The crowd trends younger than ever and I have the impression that many are there to party and act like they are part of what they think is a typical Fenway game - Buy Red Sox Hat, Do the Wave...
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    8/23- I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 1PM EST

    I was one of them (took advantage of the $6 tickets offered on Stubhub, which I posted about earlier is this thread; tix were for grandstand but we sat unmolested in loge boxes, so it was even a better value). The crowd was bigger than I expected -- almost 2021 normal, other than the bleachers...
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    One win doesn't earn you a Game Thread

    Good opportunity to grab tickets equal to what this team is worth:
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    8/13 (Friday) vs. Baltimore (7:10)

    Dennis Drinkwater, former chief of former Giant Glass who formerly had prominent add under his chin.
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    8/4: Hometown vs. Motown

    I can see that allowing a protest for every pitch could lead to chaos, but in my opinion, any play, including an individual pitch, that results in an out should subject to review.
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    Forecast Looks Good

    "Serviceable" and "Giving the team a chance to win" is the cliche point I meant to make. SP is certainly not the problem today, or yesterday for that matter.