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    Jason Varitek tests positive for Covid-19

    This was a Daily Shout by Susanna Wolff.
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    Renfroe to Sox 1y/3.1M

    This post deserves more love. LOL
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    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    Good post. Thanks. Working on becoming an anti-racist organization is the harder road...but it's the right one. MLB doesn't give up a day or two to Jackie Robinson's legacy for passive covering or for show. The Red Sox can and should use their leverage with Brasier, whether it be trade...
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    Can you (or does Morris) elaborate on this? I understand the geometry aspect, on bunts and steals to 2nd & 3rd. Don’t follow the latter. Do teams that ‘choose to interfere’ do so more with lefty catchers, necessarily?
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    The target is the target; the glove doesn’t really look much different, except where the thumb is. As mentioned elsewhere, RHP would probably enjoy the lefty catcher’s framing to the outside on RHB. He can catch it there without reaching across his body.
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    Good post that enjoins the spirit of my opener. Thanks. So what do you do with a pure lefty who rakes, has a cannon, shows understanding of the game behind the plate and happens to sport a “catcher’s body?” Tell him to play first, because he throws from the wrong side? Go shag flies, kid...
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    Our guy Vazquez throws down to first a lot... I like it. It holds down the running game with a lower risk play. If it gets by the first baseman, you have a guy at second, not a run scored...
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    A lefty catcher's throw naturally tails toward the first base side of second, which might be an advantage in picking off the baserunner. Is there data showing that right-handed catchers struggle with the throw more when a left hander is in the batter's box? Dammit, Spaceman, you got me...
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    A left handed catcher has a better throwing motion to first base on a pick off, regardless of who's in the box...a greater advantage there (at least a more common one) than the risk to the right-hander throwing down to third.
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    Lefties would be accepting this comparative disadvantage in my solution. Right-handers would receive the benefit. C'mon, play along...
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    Of course that was my first thought. But then I wanted to have some fun with it...
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    Interesting article by Mike Petriello on Another reason to dislike the shift, IMO. As a member of this declining class, I'm filing my lighthearted discrimination grievance with the league office. My solution (offered with mild amusement): Alternate the direction of base running...
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    Strat-O-Matic season simulation- We win the opener!

    Please keep this up. I miss reading box scores...
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    Thank you Mookie Betts

    Thank you, Marcus Lynn Betts. Your game brought me and my family many nights and days of joy. May you bring that same joy to new fans in Los Angeles. I'll be rooting for you, except when we face you again in the World Series. C'mon back and see us now, hear?
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    Ron Roenicke named interim manager

    A deep solemn bow to you, sir. I like the move. Continuity in this case is good.