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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA "on track" to resume season at WDW

    On his podcast Karalis said that no fans could lead to more interesting things like new camera angles because you can saturate the arena with cameras and not worry about sightlines.
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    2020 Proto-season: Articles, retrospectives and other Baseball Content While We Wait

    Interesting story on the hazing of Gregg Jefferies
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Essentially a 3rd and long for Tom.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Edit: double post
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    2020 PGA Tour

    So it's gonna be Tom vs. Peyton on the approach.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    And had it not been conceded at least Phil was putting to stay alive.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Yeah, seems like Phil could easily make up the distance.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Brady with a big completion!!!
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    2020 PGA Tour

    I want them to win on last hole and see LeGarrette Blount go sprinting by.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Dinking and dunking down the field. He's a system golfer.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Manning with a pick 6.
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    What info do you wish you could get out of Belichick?

    While I think Belichick might possibly do something like write a book when he's done, I doubt it becomes a tell-all that will reflect badly on anyone--he's not throwing anyone under the bus for anything. Even if he knows Tom was some Deflategate mastermind, he's not going to say that. But yea...
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    2020 NFL: Potential Rule Changes

    Does the proposal eliminate the on-side kick or simply give the option to try the 4th and 15? I think it should be either/or. The completely out of the blue onside kicks should remain.
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    MLS 2020: A Quarter Century of Soccer

    Read an article yesterday with some talk of MLS joining the NBA in Orlando/Disney and if the protocols work, allowing each to attend each other's games.