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    2020 Golf Thread

    Joe Leigh's always brings a shit-ton of used clubs to the Boston Expo. That and the recycled balls booths are the best reasons to go to the show money-wise.
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    Bruins v. Jets

    How many times do they have to give one up with less than 10 seconds in the period?
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    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

    Such a pleasure to be watching this on CSN. So even-handed.
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    Game 5 - Bruins v. CBJ

    WTF is the "it feels in"?
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    Game 2: Bruins vs. Toronto

    He looks like hell.
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    4/4- Bruins @ Wild

    Nice debut for Senyshyn.
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    2019 Golf Thread

    Grand National is worth two days. You can play Links one morning and Lake the other, playing the par 3 in the afternoons. I've heard good things about the Prattville courses (Judge, Senator, Legislator). You could do a round trip from Atlanta (Grand National, Prattville, Ross Bridge/Oxmoor...
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    Bruins Host CBJ - 3/16

    WTF is it with Jack and “with purpose?”
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    Bruins v. Lightning

    So will they stop calling him Louie now?
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    4/8 FLA@BOS ROW ROW ROW the boat.

    Someone throw a cape around Reimer's shoulders, please, please, please!
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    4/8 FLA@BOS ROW ROW ROW the boat.

    Like November Bruins the last few games.
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    2017 Preseason Game Thread- 9/18 B's @ Habs

    Anyone have a linky for tonight?
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    2017 PGA Tour

    NBC playing fast and loose with "live" video. Leaderboard in background shows Fowler at 17 under and they cut to him "live" over birdie putt at -16. Not surprisingly, he makes it.
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    Saturday (3/18) Game Thread

    Gotta be Iowa State ball there.
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    10/25 - Wild @ Bruins

    Mouth at least. So, Celts start tomorrow night!