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    2021 Pats Draft Binkies

    My guess is Hufanga dropped weight to run better. He's probably a 210# guy with 4.65 speed. I like him better as a box safety, but he can probably play a little over the top with his instincts and football IQ to help mitigate some of his range/speed issues. My guess is he'll also be a quality ST...
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    2021 Pats Draft Binkies

    A guy at each position I like more than Draft World's consensus. QB: Ian Book. I mean, he's almost definitely not going to make it. But still, there's a Jeff Garcia vibe to his game and the non-zero chance that he makes it and becomes A Thing. Doesn't fit the NE physical QB profile (at all)...
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    Pats Roster Planning: Defense

    Yeah, I've made the Barmore/Jones comp before. With Barmore, you're drafting him for what you think he'll turn into in a year ot two, not what he is now. While thats true of all prospects, it's especially true of a RS Sophomore. Barmore, like Jones, has shown flashes of dominant play. Whether he...
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    Pats QB Options

    NE would almost certainly pay him $27M if he were a FA right now. WFT and Carolina both have the cap room to absorb that figure, and the need as well; I'd think they both would be interested in him too.
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    Pats QB Options

    Trubisky and Mariota are very comparable in a lot of ways, for better (or mostly) worse. I believe Trubsky would count against the 2022 comp pick formula, vs. Mariota requiring 2021 (presumably) draft pick compensation. I might give Trubisky the edge in that he doesn't have a weird ulnar nerve...
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    Predicting the Future: How Many SBs Does Mahomes Win?

    I went with 2. KC is well-positioned to stay in the hunt for the next few seasons and their star players have taken very team-friendly deals (thus far). I can see them winning a few more, but they can also start to fall back to the pack a bit. Kelce is the same age as Gronk, and while he has the...
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    Jeff Teague: 1 year deal with the Celtics

    Poorly Aged Things But seriously, I was optimistic. His numbers (both the counting stats and the advanced metrics) were legitimately solid last year for Minnesota. Then he got traded midseason to Atlanta and they plummeted. I was hoping that could be chalked up to the general 2020 Atlanta...
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    Pats QB Options

    How do we know? Genuinely not trying to be snarky, but how does anyone know anything? I'm making a projection based on the available options and comparing them to Cam. We've seen Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Jacoby Brissett, et al play. We've seen Cam play. None of them are remotely inspiring...
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    Pats QB Options

    Meyers and Byrd were (by far) his top two receivers. Izzo was (by far) his top TE. To say the 2020 offense was a Cam problem, I mean, come on. Yes, Cam put plenty of bad tape out there, but he was signed 30 days before training camp opened. His best targets were guys who would struggle to even...
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    Pats QB Options

    I think Evan Lazar Tweeted a similar thought, but since the Stafford trade, I'm starting to lean towards running it back with Cam. I know nobody is going to be excited about another year of Cam, but it might be the best of some bad options. There's also a case to be made that there's still some...
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    Super Bowl LV: What is Your Current Rooting Interest?

    This is essentially where I am. I started off the year wanting the Patriots to be "right" about moving on but I gradually accepted that it was always going to end somehow, someway and I want Brady to further cement his legacy. That said, I really hate Arians and wish he'd stop talking about NE...
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    I recognize that this I'm opening myself up to all sorts of derision, but c'est la vie. I'm not convinced NE was innocent here. Now, I'll grant ALL the caveats: no one has ever cared about air pressure, the 11.5-12.5 PSI range is completely arbitrary, every game played in hot or cold weather has...
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    2021 NFL Prospect Talk...Because It's Never Too Early

    My (very) early sleeper pick for #15: Carlos Basham. Why? In the first round, particularly as early as NE is picking, you want to get a guy with a physical skill level that's hard to find. Carlos Basham has a RARE athletic profile. Draftscout (which does a really good job of getting physical...
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    N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State Rd1 Pk32

    He did a 4.28 shuttle and a 7.05 3 cone at his pro day.
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    KC Jones has died

    I met him once at a fundraiser at a Tony Roma's in Framingham. I was a kid at the time and the Celtics had recently traded Sam Vincent, my favorite player. I asked him about the trade and relayed how upset I was. KC was really gracious and talked to me for a bit about what a great person and...