EP Sox Fan

Feb 6, 1978 (Age: 46)
An up at dawn, pride swallowing siege


“I don’t even buy into that stuff. We have great pitching, we have great defense, and we have good offensive players. I don’t even know what run prevention is. I’m a baseball player. I don’t know how to read very good; I don’t know how to write very good. We just go play, man. That’s it. We’ll be fine....The only thing I care about is if we score more runs than them. They need to put a statistic on that. It’s called wins and losses. That’s the only thing I think anybody around here cares about.’’ - Dustin Pedroia

"I'm sure when we head down to Fort Myers we'll have a left fielder. We always do. They're really good about that. We're amazingly consistent in that every year we always have a left fielder and I'm guessing we're going to have one this year, too." - Terry Francona