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    2015 rookie and training camp

      Gustavsson has been away from the team - new addition to the family.  At least that's what the NYR broadcasters said during the Bs-Rags game.  He's slated to backup Tuukka tonight according to the Bs official website.
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    Seeing the Spinners tonight: Who should I be looking for?

      I saw part of the doubleheader Saturday, it'd be interesting to pool observations.  In a very small sample size, it looked like Ockimey was having real troubles picking up offspeed and breaking stuff (swinging way ahead) and Rei had trouble with fastballs but was right on a slider.  Acosta...
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    Jack Edwards

      Emerick has been in that stage where he's probably having difficulty picking out numbers.  A bit like Cusick in his later years.     I'm not an Edwards fan, never have been.  I get why fans like having a fan call the game but I think he's a clown and an embarrassment.  He may get the names...
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    To Taylor be swift

    Krug and Smith are a few years away from UFA status.  Neither is currently putting up enough numbers to garner a huge 2nd RFA deal.  I think they both would have appeal to a team like Edmonton.   Dealing Hamilton is a nonstarter.  Beyond Dougie, there's not much hope in-house for a top 2 NHL D...
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    Don't want no mediocre, won't hit no mediocre

      Right.  That's the problem with the trade market this time of year.  There's no reason for sellers to have reasonable prices and there's not much supply beyond other team's problem children.  Evander Kane maybe?  There was some smoke there for a while.  He's a LW though.  
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    Don't want no mediocre, won't hit no mediocre

      I'm not sure Chiarelli is going to be in his position for 3 to 4 seasons.   My take on the Seguin trade at the time was that Eriksson in Julien's system would be a short-term wash for Seguin's production or at least a near wash.  Boy, that was wrong.  Reilly Smith exceeded expectations, but it...
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

      Me too, he's usually a little better than that on baseball.  I expect nothing better from Wallach, but I sort of suspect all of the shows on the 'hub have a mandate to bash the Red Sox at every step.  It's just so consistent across the board over there.
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    Boychuk Traded to the Islanders for Picks

    I hate the trade, but I'm also in the camp that doesn't trust Bartkowski.  I would have preferred all attempts at maximizing the current team's chances of winning another Cup and obviously this is dinging that chance to bring in future draft picks.  I just disagree with the philosophy there...
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    2014 Training Camp

      No.  But, on the bright side, he looks to be a more effective body checker than Thornton was.  He seems to be a step quicker than Thornton was at the end as well, so he may end up being a better forechecking presence.  I don't think he has anything for hands though, at least with his gloves...
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    The 2014-2015 Prediction Thread

    Bruins:   Points:  103 Finish in Atlantic Division:  2nd Top Goal Scorer:  Lucic (27) Top Point Earner:  Bergeron (73) Rask GAA:  2.05 Most Likely to be Traded:  Bartkowski  Top Rookie Scorer:  Spooner (35 pts) Power Play Efficiency (21.7-3rd in NHL in 13-14):  20.5%  (top 10) Penalty Kill...
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    Krejci extension?

      BigMike is correct, it may not be such a huge deal but I don't like the restrictive nature of that NMC or being subject to the whims of the player.  To answer your question, I fundamentally don't like the talent mix in the forwards at the moment and would've looked to make a "hockey trade"...
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    Krejci extension?

    I am nuts according to Puck Daddy's tweet, but I hate it.  Not so much the length or even the AAV but the NMC.  I think the Bs are deep at center, have glaring needs at other positions, and this reduces their flexibility going forward.  Good player (I would argue his skill set is not as scarce...
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    Sox sign Rusney Castillo to 7-year/$72.5M deal (2014-2020)

    Just in case folks missed it, here's a Baseball America compilation of scouting takes after his showcase:   Seems like there's an outside chance he could play 3rd but most evaluators peg him as a CF.  
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    Agree on Wallach, it doesn't take long for him to revert to "how much air time can I take up" mode.  I'm a little surprised given the July ratings that they didn't shake up the morning replacements a bit.
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    Rafael Devers

      The closest is what they did with Wendell Rijo, right?  He's just about a year older than Devers and has been in Greenville all season.  Last season at age 17 he played in 49 games in the GCL and 3 in Lowell.  However, Rijo did not begin the 2013 season in the DSL.