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    The Ringer

    Agreed that both of those eps were great. Would add the TLC, No Scrubs episode as well. I love Harvila's ability to recapture how hos teen self felt about each song while also going deep/insightful on the history and context of each track. Really well done.
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    5-12 vs. Cavs

    I really want Gorman to blurt out “well, this is an old fashioned rock fight!”
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    5/9 vs. Miami

    Haha. Hubie is the least of our concerns today. This is some brutal shit.
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    4/30 vs Spurs

    Good thinking. Definitely a Jeselnik feel there. I don’t think Marcus is the problem but he does look more like Mac and less like Fields in terms of fitness this season.
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    4/23-Boston @ Nets

    The best part is where he appeared to be blaming the guys on the Celtics' bench for standing up or whatever. Reminded me of an absent-minded colleague of mine who routinely butchers scheduling meetings in Outlook...and then blames Outlook. "It totally changed the date!" Ya sure buddy.
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    4/19 vs. CHI

    Yep. That was great.
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    4/19 vs. CHI

    I thought KG had a more acute occurrence (against the Jazz, IIRC) where he strained his popliteus tendon? Then missed a chunk of time before trying to come back and looking obviously injured before getting shut down for the season? I guess I am viewing TL out here-and-there differently than...
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    4/17 vs. GSW

    Yep. I can’t believe I was thinking “this team sucks to watch” about two weeks ago.
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    4/13 at POR

    Growing up in boring as hell rural Maine, their road trip story was quite relatable.
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    4/13 at POR

    And really solid performance so far
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    4/13 at POR

    My favorite Blazers teams of 20ish years ago approve this message.
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    Pats QB Options

    I do as well and I didn’t see him play more than three games at OSU. The way he came across in the Netflix show QB1 sold me on him.
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    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    Also met him years ago. I arrived at a bar maybe thirty minutes early for an engagement ceremony for two of my favorite people. It was 2014 and the Royals were playing the Giants in the World Series. Not sure which game it was, but I took a seat at the bar and was watching pre-game and having...
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    April 6th: Vs Sixers

    I rewatched that drive three times. Did not see an obvious hack as he went up. Maybe a little contact before he left the floor.
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    April 6th: Vs Sixers

    Is Embiid more obnoxious than Tatum at this point? I don’t think so and I’m not an Embiid fan.