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    WiFi Hotspots

    Yes, I have unlimited data. That could be an option. Thank you!
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    WiFi Hotspots

    A friend is coming to town from Belgium next week. We're going to be roadtripping, so I was looking into wifi hotspots to use in my car, as she needs a wifi network to be able to use data on her phone. Her network in Belgium is Telnet. I was looking at portable wifi hotspots but am not sure...
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Hello - all paid up. Did a log out, log back in and refresh, but still no Other Crap. Whenever people are restoring, could I please be on the list? Thanks!
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    Survivor: Week 2

    Any thoughts on the Bears hosting the Dolphins? I don't like SEA on the road, DAL, BAL and BUF all make me nervous for the same reasons noted above.
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    2013 Seattle Seahawks - SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!

    Loving it. Kam Chancellor is a beast.
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    IN! Not much of a runner, but have been wanting to start. This is what I need. Podiatrist appt tomorrow at 2 for heel/arch pain. If that goes well, I'm giving this a go. Right now, I can probably do 1 mile and an 11 minute pace. Plenty of room for improvement! So, Running Dogs, please help this...