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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    I think the Edmonton CFL organization recognized that the dominos are falling - and that no matter their internal thoughts they'd have to change the name sooner or later, and now is as good a time as ever, probably better. Knowing that the eyes of the sports world would soon be upon their city...
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    Covid and MLB

    NHL Builds whole new rinks in two weeks when they want to - pretty sure MLB can figure out how to make required improvements to one of arguably the second best baseball league in the world's better stadiums. They get it done at Williamsport, Cooperstown and Field of Dreams - they can do it at...
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    Rosenthal: Mookie and LAD in agreement: 12/$365

    5-6 Years from now the Dodgers will leave him unprotected in the expansion draft...and Nashville will be pretty much forced take him.
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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    For what it’s worth, the Washington club isn’t the only professional football team to announce a forthcoming name change this week; The Edmonton Eskimos are also going to adopt a new name.
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    Olympics Coronavirus Impact

    I wasn’t necessarily saying it’s a bad deal for the host city. IOC Has come around a bit on that, I am more saying that the thought of hosting a Games doesn’t get a fuzzy reception anymore. When a place like Calgary, where they had a great AND profitable Games votes OVERWHELMINGLY against...
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    Olympics Coronavirus Impact

    McDonalds and Budweiser are pretty big fish to let squirm off the hook... United Airlines, too but Delta picked that up. L.A. Could help the IOC bounce back (just as L.A. did in 1984, but we’ll see.
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    Olympics Coronavirus Impact

    The Olympic brand is waning. Major sponsors pulling out, no one wants to host...our 2020 attention span isn’t set for a once-in-four event anymore.
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    Olympics Coronavirus Impact

    Meh - They take three years off between anyway. What's an extra 12 months on the path to irrelevance?
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    why i think they should cancel the season or play a 82 game season

    If they’re playing without fans in the park, does there even have to be travel? Might as well just set everyone up one city with a few decent ballparks (probably Phoenix, but maybe there’s somewhere else) and think of each venue as a TV studio.
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    Olympics Coronavirus Impact

    In a normal year, right about now you’re not training for the Olympics... you’re training for the Olympic Trials. Most teams in most sports in most countries haven’t been picked yet...and I can’t imagine how they can be at this point. And for those who have already qualified or otherwise been...
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    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    My league in Calgary shut itself down...I’ll gladly take your place!
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    Worst Coach Stories

    Well, because so many people are such dicks about dealing with officials not all that many people want to do it in the first place - and even with all the training in the world, it's an incredibly difficult job to do to the expectations of players, coaches, parents and fans. Referees and...
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    Worst Coach Stories

    Not every rink has a clear, convienient path from the bench to the locker room other than across the ice. I am not familiar with this particular rink as it was built after I left the area - but it looks like that’s probably the case once he was ejected, coach had nowhere else to go...
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    Forty Years Ago Today

    And 40 years ago today was the culmination of the now oft-overlooked arguably greatest individual feats in sports history... Eric Heiden slept late and barely won the first and possibly most important race of his day - that being the race to the starting line. He then overcame deviation from...