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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    If he had any trade value they probably would. As is they are way better off hoping he regains his form.
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    RIP Bill Russell

    He used to do a signing once a year at the Shriners in Wilmington. I used to go just to see him walk in. He was such a legend. RIP.
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    2022 MLB Draft

    I didn’t know the exact details but knew the basics. IMHO 40% is very low and not getting an MRI predraft shouldn’t drop the number to 0. 75% with MRI 40% without seems more fair when the alternative for the player is waiting a year.
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    2022 MLB Draft

    I’d be more sympathetic if he submitted his medicals predraft. I still think the team should be forced to make an offer a certain % of slot value. At least 75% or something like that.
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    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Did he get Jalen Green on his podcast by promising to completely overrate him on this list? 31 over Lamelo Ball, Kris Middleton, Lebron, and others.
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    To PE, or not To PE - that is the question

    FWIW Bobby Marks already has us $30 million over the tax. Based on the chart above using the full TPE would cost something like $80 million if he’s right. Keith Smith estimated is at $20 million over after filling out the roster. View...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    We will quickly see how much ownership is willing to go into the tax. To maximize flexibility in acquiring someone at the deadline they could use all 4 TPE’s and the MLE and add close to 40 million in contracts. That would give them maximum flexibility. Staying out of the tax has been justified...
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    6/5—NBA Finals, Game 2, Celts at Warriors

    It wasn’t a regular season problem. I doubt it’s a coaching post season problem. View:
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    6/5—NBA Finals, Game 2, Celts at Warriors

    Wow. So just a whistle to stop a fast break. Good job good effort guys.
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    6/5—NBA Finals, Game 2, Celts at Warriors

    I don’t think the assumption is Golden State wins by showing up. I think most people expect Golden State to play like the more desperate team. We need to show we can play with desperation coming off a win and not facing elimination. It’s something we’ve struggled with the last two rounds. I...
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    One thing that’s very noticeable now that we aren’t playing the heat was how good the heat were at pushing the ball after our makes when we had a guy down. I have developed a habit to yell “get up” when our guys go down after a shot but noticed yesterday it didn’t come back to bite them because...
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    5/21/2022 - ECF Game 3 - Miami @ Boston

    0-4 the last 4 games with the series tied excluding game 7. They don’t have the same effort when their backs aren’t against the wall.
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    Game 7 vs. Milwaukee: The Knockout Punch

    Defense isn’t getting enough credit for this game. Milwaukee had 24 points in the first 10 minutes but only 57 over the final 38.
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    5/7/2022 Celtics @ Bucks (Watertown Rolls In)

    I like Ime but it was pretty terrible not to challenge the 4th foul on Grant. It was egregious and would have been 4 on Giannis instead. With the call standing he had to put in Theis. If Giannis has 4 there the rest of the game plays out different.
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    Sox sign Carlos Martinez

    Fun fact, we originally signed him when he was 18 but MLB voided his contract due to discrepancies with his name and date of birth.