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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    This is Chris Sale. It will take longer than anticipated. But since he cannot last a full season anyway as has been noted herein ad nauseum, the foreshortened season is to be expected, is inevitable, and may not be horrible.
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    What's in a (retired) number?

    I agree with the statement about the immediate association of the number with the person, and I think that number retirement is something that should stand above even the hall of fame. I think that a retired number connotes someone who has a special standing embodying the "Spirit of the Red...
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    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    Sounds like what we call a monopoly. But if you think of the audience, some watch all the time no matter what. Some watch rarely when they have nothing better to do. Neither of these are likely to change much. But there are likely some in a middle group who have variable allegiances to the...
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    Red Sox hire analytics company to optimize game start times in 2023

    I know the focus is on TV rather than live audience. However, I have worked in the Longwood Medical Area for about 40 years and we are all very wary about the traffic due to games. When the games let out close to 5 it is pretty bad (and many nursing shifts end a bit earlier) as it begins to...
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    17 Years Ago Today....

    My dad was born in 1910. He had memories of the 1918 Red Sox world series win, about as clear as one might expect from an event at age 8, looking back decades later. He had been more of a Braves fan initially, but when they left town, it was the Sox. As he aged, the family joke was "Hey, Dad...
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    Mookie redux

    ...Plus he didn't want to be in Boston and did want to be on the west coast.
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    Alex Cora-- what do we have here? Perhaps the best manager in baseball.

    For baseball, perhaps more than any other of the major team sports (but at least as much), it is as much a head game as it is a strategy game from the perspective of the manager. Much of strategy is driven by metrics and intuition, and success/failure often is the result of the ability of...
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    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    Absolutely agree. In the close quarters of the dugout and clubhouse, masks are the first easiest steps to take.
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    Post Season Poll

    I voted no because I think there is too much downward momentum, particularly against the good teams (a couple of wins last week in Tampa not withstanding) for them not to sink further. But as has been said by a few others, this was not a lost year. It was (the first half, primarily) very...
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    Will the real Red Sox please stand up? I repeat, will the real Red Sox please stand up?

    Agree. Chaim probably knew exactly what this team was while we were all getting excited by the first half of playing above their real level and some luck with the come-backs. He realized that just replacing Dalbec with Rizzo (obtained at a high price to boot) would not likely get us a WS win...
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    SoSH app on iphone

    I found the same thing happened, and it was as of last Sunday 7/11. What is the best way of reading the forum on an iPhone in the absence of the app? I have Googled it and then logged in. That is cumbersome, but is that the only way?
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Elston Howard Those of us who are old enough all remember him as a Yankee, but he had a few memorable moments for the Sox in 1967 and in the world series.
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    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    It is my understanding that Cora was not supposed to talk to anyone prior to the end of the WS. It just ended. If the Sox were to hire him too soon, it would really seem that they had, in fact, been talking prior to the conclusion of the WS. After what Cora has just been through with the...
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    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Safe distances are impossible. What about the home plate umpire, catcher, and batter? Are they 6 feet apart? Or will they wear masks as they play, and hope they don't get knocked off. A close play at 1st base or home plate? I am skeptical. The only way is to treat the teams as one big...