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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    MLB draft choices, even the top ones, are a crap shoot. This has been outlined many times here and examples are plentiful. This isn’t the NBA.
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    Christian Vazquez: What do we have here?

    I was solidly in the Swihart camp. Still am disappointed with how he was handled. Vazquez sure has made himself a better hitter.
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    2020 Hiatus News, Rumors, Trades

    I’m not in the camp that the Betts trade was purely for cap considerations. The Sox are not the only team to have cut minor leaguers or have some sort of management shakeup. But the franchise does have some significant standing that can influence players. I guess we’ll just have to wait and...
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    2020 Hiatus News, Rumors, Trades

    Looks like the Sox have signed about the same number of them as KC. In terms of quality who knows. But I’ll go with Bloom’s track record there.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I don’t think this is the point. Of course there would be other teams willing to sign a quality pitcher. The issues are: 1. Here’s a millionaire complaining about making more millions by playing a sport when many, many people in this country are suffering severe financial hardship 2. This...
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    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    I need some more information before sending him to the chair. If the team conducted due diligence on the guy, let’s hear their summary and conclusion. Right-wing gun nut. OK. There are likely lots of them already in the league and, perhaps, even on this team. Racist? That’s an issue...
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    Remembering May 10, 1970

    Great note - invoked some wonderful memories. I was a high school junior at a school in Braintree. Several of us went to the AD, who was also the baseball coach, and asked if we could go to the parade. He said we could so long as we were back in time for practice. We piled into a car and made...
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    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go?

    I don’t think BB is the kind of coach who would even consider “tanking” on a season.
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    How Do We Feel About Matthew Slater Re-signing?

    Solid signing. His locker room presence/leadership will be important in dealing with the Brady departure. If that happens of course ........
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    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    This pretty much sums it up for me as well. From watching them play at BC. From watching an unheralded rookie named Carl Garrett beat out OJ for ROY. From being at Schaefer Stadium for that famous first game when the toilets backed up. I’m looking forward to a reset. Let’s go!!!
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    Passan: Baseball is Burning (in which Manfred calls the WS trophy a “piece of metal”

    Taking away the WS title from the Astros appeals to me personally, but the potential issues that act would create is likely a significant reason why MLB hasn’t and won’t do it. Houston season ticket holders sue the team. Folks who placed legitimate bets in Vegas sue the team and MLB. Casinos...
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    Bruins sign Jeremy Lauzon to a 2-year contract extension

    I like the move. Lauzon brings some edge to the team and has upside. And has already been mentioned, is a potential trade piece.
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    WEEI going with 3 man rotation with Costig for 2020

    33% Lou (smartest guy in the room) Merloni is way, way too much Lou Merloni.