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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    You're right. Now that I think about it, it took a couple months before it stopped working. I can't remember if I researched the one month or decided to go that way just cause.
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    YTTV requires all accounts to log in from their home zip code once a month to remain active. I actually created a generic log in to share it with a family member that lives in another area, which I log into from my phone periodically.
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Larry Scott is finally out as commissioner, so we have hope of a better access in the future!
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    College Football Week Ten Game Thread

    Pac-12 isn't using their own network this year, rather taking open spots on the major networks so could see more of this. Also been waiting to long to post this, LFG! View:
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    College Football 2020 Week Six Game Thread

    The weather girl interrupted the UGA/Tenn game on the 4th down attempt as I was walking past a fairly busy sports bar. The reactions were great as they had no idea what happened.
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    MLB to allow "limited number of fans" for the NLCS and WS in Texas

    This was outside the Braves stadium today
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    2020 NCAA Football

    View: Looks like Pac-12 following suit and could be playing in November. ”The Pac-12 welcomes today's statements by Governor Newsom of California and Governor Brown of Oregon that state public health officials will allow for contact...
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    2020 NCAA Football

    View: BREAKING: #UGA QB Jamie Newman has opted out of the 2020 season and will prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft
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    2020 NCAA Football

    View: Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB · 32m SOURCES: The Big 12 presidents have decided to continue on to keep playing this season and are expected to have a revised schedule already in the works. @SoonerScoop was...
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    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    I’m really happy for him. Never thought much of him but then he went to another level. He’s got really good speed and improved his hands a lot on deep balls. Also helped on short routes where he broke more than a few long runs.
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    Game Thread Replay: SB LI - Birth of an Atlanta Dynasty?

    not on in Atlanta either, which amuses me.
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    College Football Week 13 Game Thread

    Me too. And only my Uber driver will know I wanted the money line as I decided to not bug my guy since he was on a bachelor party. I didn’t press much as I wasn’t overly confident. Tempe is weird at the moment. ASU celebrated more when they knocked off Washington a couple years ago. Still...
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    College Football Week 7 Game Thread

    Nice! Glad you liked it. Mill Ave has changed so much since I was there. Half the places were retail before the Mall opened down the road and Amazon took over, so really cool to see them doing things like that. We take on all bandwagon fans though!
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    College Football Week 7 Game Thread

    Perfect. Now the other 2-3 SoSHers that have the Pac-12 network can tune in.
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    College Football Week 7 Game Thread

    Ahem...You missed Hambone's game of the week. 3:30pm ET televised on the world's worst sports channel of all time The Pac-12 network where 18th ranked The Arizona State University Sun Devils lead by ESPN Great Herm Edwards faces of against a bunch of Cougars from Pullman who appear to have a...