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    White Sox hire Tony LaRussa as manager

    That makes no sense. LaRussa and Sparky Anderson were the original Quick Hook guys. Bob Ryan coined the phrase LaRussa-ism to describe it.
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    RIP Travis Roy

    We just got the cable boxes in our then-new house when that happened- was channel surfing and the game popped up on NESN- a good 5-10 minutes after the injury. Couldn't figure out why there was a game on and everyone was just standing on the ice and there was no crowd noise.
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Two Thumbs Up for that comment, Detts. It's the opportunity that so many media people have been waiting years for. I even heard that Borges has resurfaced and jumped on the pile.
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    College Football Week Eight Game Thread

    Indiana had taken two timeouts. No one on Penn State was capable of doing any math. 1 minute 47 seconds is 107 seconds. Not snapping the ball until there's one second left on the play clock (twice) is 78. So, all Penn State's 4 plays (which could include standing there and kneeling...
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    Felger: Red Sox offered Mookie what he asked for, and were turned down

    They hated him so much attendance went down for the 3 years before he owned the club and the 5 or 6 afterwards?
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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    And, to compound that, Burleson, the runner, had no clue Piniella had no clue....could have been bluffing and caught the ball (it wasn't that much out in front of him, really); had Burleson known that, perhaps he could have left earlier and gone to third...Rice's ensuing fly ball was more than...
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    Probably a very simple Excel question

    Another way is to have each worksheet represent a given ballgame. List all the players for each game whether they pitch that game or not (there will be some 0 0 0 s if you know what I mean). So, each worksheeet has "Riley", "Neko", etc. Then have a worksheet that totals up each of the...
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    It never gets old - reflections on Oct 17-20, 2004

    Maybe the 2004 Sox should collectively raise a glass every time a post season series goes to 3-0 and the trailing team doesn't come back, like the remaining 72 Dolphins do when the last undefeated team in a given season loses.
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    Down 3-0, 2004 vs. 2020 comp

    . ...and their bullpen fell apart too, save for Rivera (not like he was hit that hard in his two blown saves). Tom Gordon was a disaster, as I recall; and he was a very important guy.
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    2020 NFL: Post Season Bubble in LA & Dallas?

    I think it has to be 2 sites unless they want to move teams from site to site after the first round. If two sites, three teams leave each site after the first weekend; and one team arrives (the team w/the best overall record in each conference). The other thing that complicates having...
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    2020 Boston College Football.Give it Haf a Chance

    If one subscribes to ESPN Plus, does one get streams of ACC games?
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    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    Decided to give hs (Mass.) officiating a try this fall, figuring that the cooler weather would make mask wearing tolerable. Which, I have to say, it is mostly true. One does get more tired running with the damn thing on, however. The two games I did there wasn't a lot of, if any, kids...
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    College Football 2020 Week Four Game Thread

    I guess Jimbo Fisher knew what he was doing when he moved on to A&M.
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    What is this team missing?

    Depending on a 36 year old guy for major minutes is foolish.
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    What is this team missing?

    Well, nit-picking on my part for sure, but not challenging that block call on Smart and/or not burning all his timeouts when the 3 jacking started were quite puzzling. Even though the block ended up only costing them a point, he could have spent the minute or two "suggesting" to his players...