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    NCAA - Women's College Basketball - 2021

    I guess it didn't take much for UConn to shake off a couple of (for them) so-so years in women's basketball. So-so in their case was making the Final 4 but not winning it since 2016. I'm sure the Big East return didn't hurt matters. The AAC was pretty weak in women's basketball.
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    You probably would have as good a chance as any to win this particular season.
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    I like it. I used to play in a pool that awarded bonus points for any 13, 14, 15, 16 win; the points being the difference between the winner and the loser (e.g. 13 beating a 4 was worth 9 extra points). It was a good incentive for the early rounds but of no consequence thereafter. Your...
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    The cost of youth athletics

    I played in that baseball league (not well!). Not sure how old you are but it started in the 50s when there were 16 teams in the major leagues. So that the Big League (equivalent of Babe Ruth) and the Little League teams wouldn't have the same names; they also had teams w/minor league...
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    Feb 24th at Atlanta

    Can't understand how you have a guy with several DNP- CD's in recent weeks starting the game for you when Walker is resting. Don't you go to the guy who went in for Walker in those games w/Teague backing him up? Of course, there is reasonable speculation that PP has hit a wall and/or is...
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    2/23 - Celtics @ Mavericks

    Tatum not grabbing the ball changed the rest of the game, it was 14 seconds shorter because of that. Not to say the result would have been different, but it would have played out differently.
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    2/23 - Celtics @ Mavericks

    There was no time out after the tying basket. Whoever was on the floor offensively had to play D.
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    2/21 Pelicans Streak-Starter Thread

    After his performance as a commentator in July; won't mind if the Celts pound the men of Stan Van Gundy.
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    Remote Desktop Solutions Over VPN

    In your "old" setup, who is responsible for maintaining your work desktop? If it's not you, will that person/department still exist in the "new" setup? What I'm driving at is; if there's going to be a bunch of computers running your company somewhere; why not let them have that desktop...
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    BC Hoops 2020-21

    When the firing occurred, Blauds was pumping up Amaker. Between Eisley, Thompson and Amaker, I'd choose Eisley. Amaker's has a talent edge at Harvard vis-a-vis nearly every league opponent. Wouldn't have that at BC and his coaching isn't that strong.
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    BC Hoops 2020-21

    Interesting question about Tabbs. He's been at BC three years, one was a medical redshirt. The rules seem to indicate that 2020-21 is a "freebie" and therefore he has three more years of eligibility. But the transfer rule (i.e., sit out a year) is not at this point permanent. So, does...
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    BC Hoops 2020-21

    Even Christian probably thinks this was a good idea at this point.
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    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    Wily Mo could have made history. Was the next batter after the Sox hit 4 homers in a row vs the Yanks in 2007.
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    2-14 @ Wizards

    We can only hope he's out the door when Smart returns.
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    2-14 @ Wizards

    Seems like Tatum always exits the game in Q1 before Brown, often w/o having done anything. The game seems to start for him the second time around.