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    Inside the Red Sox’ COVID-19 outbreak, and how it nearly derailed their season

    I agree with the earlier comment that there was no blame cast in the story. Regarding "team organ," while many members of the organization clearly participated in the story, my guess is it's unlikely someone sat down and said, "Let's organize our collective response and spin it to the Globe."...
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    iPhone 13

    I used to upgrade each year, but lately I've been on an every-other-year upgrade cycle. I got the 12 last year because my X's battery was going and the lightening connector port was failing. I don't really have any complaints about the 12 now and its battery health is still solid, so unless...
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    Renfroe to Sox 1y/3.1M

    Unlike the throw to get Chapman, in last night's play all of Renfroe's momentum was going away from the infield. He had to stop, change direction and still managed 90 mph and on target. Amazing.
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    Password management software

    I was a late convert to a password manager, finally converting to 1Password a couple of years ago. I wish I had done it years earlier. 1Password has been totally bulletproof for me, both on Chrome and using my iPhone and iPad. I haven't investigated other platforms since and what I might be...
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    Remy stepping away from NESN to undergo lung cancer treatment

    Ugh -- keep fighting, Remdog.
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    Trade deadline

    This is NOT Chaim paralyzed because he's over-valuing our prospects. We're simply being out-bid. I would prefer more bullpen depth now to help shorten games, especially with some of the rotation showing regression and the uncertainties with Sale's return.
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    Trade deadline

    Can't bring him back for 10 days, unless there's an injury. Seems strange given his effectiveness.
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    Trade deadline

    Three catchers? View:
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    Trade deadline

    Just speculating, but I don't think ownership today would pressure Bloom in the same way Lucchino probably did countless times before with previous GMs. But let's face it, the team has likely advanced beyond the internal projections, and it's a legitimate discussion about how much you move now...
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    Trade deadline

    Customary caveats that this is from Jim Bowden: Bowden: I was also told to keep an eye on the Boston Red Sox re: Scherzer. Apparently the ownership in Boston is really pushing Chaim Bloom to make an aggressive run at Scherzer with the idea that they're going to get Chris Sale back, and...
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    Trade Deadline Poll

    Note this year's trade deadline is Friday, July 30. Chaim has been crystal clear telegraphing that he's not sacrificing the long term to benefit the short term, even if this year's team has been consistently playing above its projections, which he may not have been planning for. It's also...
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    SoSH app on iphone

    This was helpful
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    7/16 - Source: "We will play today" #RedSox and #Yankees prepare to play FRI - ERod on the bump

    Yankees catch a break by delaying the makeup game until mid-August? View:
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    7/16 - Source: "We will play today" #RedSox and #Yankees prepare to play FRI - ERod on the bump